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you people even after all the help from white people, get treated as if you're shit achievements actually mean something. It's like the retard getting to play football and everybody just playcates them, that's you people
Lord Gaben
Lord Gaben
I'm a thug, I don't play with no rap beef
Fuck around, end up on a backstreet
had white people fight one of the bloodiest wars ever to emancipate you and you still talk like a fucking cotton picker. you "culture" is dumb as fuck and you sound literal retards. Even though there are few outliers (most of which are less than half black) you people on a whole don't care to progress, you people contribute the most crime per capital, you people need special treatment cause you're literally retarded.
You're a jigaboo for sure. You really think you were stolen? Nahhh there are too many accounts (yes written accounts) of blacks being enslaved by other blacks, then sold for some pieces of metal. Also, you really think you're the only people to be enlaved?? That's some damn fined ignorance. Every race has been enslaved at one point in time, the difference is most of them fought their way out of submission. You people
"Traditional east Asian board games like JB need to just be remembered and not actually played. Like a museum." - Elzar