The End Of My Chapter

  1. X x SCARFACE x:
    Macho with the new style :D
  2. W wings:
    only @Crazy is the crazy guy here :v *wears a tin foil hat*
  3. W wings:
    and ppl think im crazy when i said i cant tell if he's a troll or not
  4. MachOMan MachOMan:
    And if you're in a debate with thruman. Just stop now.
  5. W wings:
    and win it lol
  6. W wings:
    @MachOMan same, if he's a competitor in any tournament, he can psych ppl out
  7. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Thruman seriously scares me at times. I often times can't tell if he's joking or not. Now I know how my co-workers felt. I would always mess around with them and make it seem real.
  8. Levinurion Levinurion:
    @thruman since you do not use punctuation rules, i cannot figure out at all whether you're joking or not
  9. Flawless Flawless:
  10. Yair Yair:
    Hey Hey
  11. W wings:
    oki doki
  12. Lord. Death. Lord. Death.:
    Saw it, I'll do it if possible, gotta learn sql coding first
  13. W wings:
    @Lord. Death. oh yeah take a look at my new suggestion
  14. W wings:
    i used to have use a notebook laptop a decade ago, but anyway, smartphones are just gonna get abused bec. ppl are spoiled blablabla, who cares, but goddamn, now things are easier
  15. W wings:
    lol i just realized how convenient smartphones are, halleh fucken lluyah thank god for their creation, now i can look at synthesia while learning how to play piano
  16. T thruman:
    damn @Levinurion that whole gay thing got you real hot and bad i was just messing...i think...but ya man my bad i don't stick up for the bros..i figured that was something you're into and would take care of
  17. Nomer3 Nomer3:
    @Detox what ?
  18. Nomer3 Nomer3:
  19. Detox Detox:
  20. W wings:
  21. Detox Detox:
  22. Nomer3 Nomer3:
  23. W wings:
    how2break any white man: bring them to philippines during summer
  24. Dildo Baggins Dildo Baggins:
    I can bring the bud
  25. W wings:
    Ye you go pay for the catering @Jameson THE Savage
  26. J josh:
    I'm with beatriz
  27. Beatriz Beatriz:
    i like to party,so YES
  28. J Jameson THE Savage:
    Are we going to throw a party for the death of We should celebrate
  29. Beatriz Beatriz:
    Dildo u been getting some info about me huh
  30. Dildo Baggins Dildo Baggins:
    And of cpurse @Lord. Death. is egyptian, that's where all devs are spawned. Duh
  31. Dildo Baggins Dildo Baggins:
    Man y'all better be under 18 cuz bea is 16
  32. Ultras|x30n1 Ultras|x30n1:
  33. Levinurion Levinurion:
    "he is like the gay shaitan who loves to suck cocks every day" -Lord death
  34. Ultras|x30n1 Ultras|x30n1:
    gay t-virus shaitan
  35. Ultras|x30n1 Ultras|x30n1:
  36. Lord. Death. Lord. Death.:
  37. Levinurion Levinurion:
    gay shaitan
  38. Zixler Zixler:
  39. Zixler Zixler:
    Daniel and Des
  40. Zixler Zixler:
  41. Zixler Zixler:
    I feel bad for three people
  42. Beatriz Beatriz:
    lgk net looks dead lmao
  43. Beatriz Beatriz:
    yeah i know
  44. Zixler Zixler:
    im talking about btw
  45. Zixler Zixler:
    just a weird one
  46. Ezekill Ezekill:
    going GG rn server is boost for week
  47. Zixler Zixler:
    it wasn't horrible
  48. Zixler Zixler:
  49. Zixler Zixler:
    how is it going with .NET
  50. Beatriz Beatriz:
    zixler that pic was horrible,i don't even know why i put it as my story


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As most people have probably noticed by now is how inactive i have been on forums as well as on the servers. My passion for 1.6 and trying to populate servers has really been drained over the last months, on top of it i started a new job that occupies me Monday-Thursday and after that i don't even feel like turning on PC to play games or talk to anyone. I'll still be around on forums and on steam but i won't and can't be the leader that GirlGam3rs needs to pull out of this slump. I'm not leaving you with no one though.

@MachOMan will be my replacement as in my eye's he's one of the few people that has the dedication and drive to pull out and make girlgam3rs great again. I'll be around for the next couple day's to help Macho with the transfer of power and to make sure things go as smooth as possible

It was a fun run, I was happy when i found out most of the hold 1.6 AG population had moved over here and I'm happy that @Jesse and @blake_won gave me the opportunity to run the community. We had our highs as we lived through the Revival of Girlgam3rs as @elzar. I would say I feel like i personally did an alright job. Maybe i didn't handle most things as well as i should have and maybe some people dislike me for my choices on some of the matters during my original take over but in my eye's they were the right decisions to push Girlgam3rs to where it needed to be. I hope to see G3 make it to new highs that i wouldn't have been able to take it too.


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I wouldn't say only elzar would say you did an "alright job."

Several of the people who I have tried getting over here/brought over here always thought you were a great and chill leader. I was glad to have a solid leader when I came over here and always respected you and how you ran things. It really is a shame to see you go. You know you will always have a position here, and if you decide that you want to come back, you already know I'll gladly welcome you back as I'm sure everyone else will. I know how the drive can be ran dry by real life things going on. I've experienced it myself and know how it feels when it's hard to turn the PC on.
I really hope that things workout for you and you're able to get things situated and have time to wind down and enjoy life more.
You kept us all here together for a really long time and have done an amazing job at keeping this great community running. I'll do what I can to make sure we continue on down the road of staying together and from here on out we improve more everyday.
I've talked with you several times about my ideas that I had and you were always supportive of what I suggested and always heard me out, as you have always heard out people's opinions on here, even if you disagreed.

I have several ideas that I'd like to start implementing for us here at girlgam3rs that I feel will be highly beneficial to us as a community. Several things are already in the works (as they have been for weeks) and improvements on what we have. I do not plan on changing our core foundation, just building and expanding upon it. I'd love to have you all here with me as we go through these new times. I respect you guys here and am willing to hear all your thoughts and feelings. I want people to expand upon their imagination and people to always feel they can make waves here, as crazy has allowed me to do.

So I'd like to again, thank crazy for everything he has done. And I hope you guys all follow in these new waters. I know change sometimes isn't always welcome, but I promise, we'll always be females.


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ggs Canadian faggot ill see you on the flipside
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