Plague PermaBan

  1. ITZzJose @ ITZzJose:
  2. Lev @ Lev:
    S n e e d
  3. PaiN @ PaiN:
    Well i guess i gotta find a new HA now.
  4. ITZzJose @ ITZzJose:
  5. Lev @ Lev:
    Ight finna ban wings
  6. PaiN @ PaiN:
    do i?
  7. wings @ wings:
    I was promoted in secret bec i sucked his dick and had anal sex with him
  8. wings @ wings:
    Also i think ur supposed to announce promotions hh
  9. wings @ wings:
    Levin, im afraid lgk is shutting down within a week hhh
  10. PaiN @ PaiN:
    why is everyone so surprised wtafak
  11. PaiN @ PaiN:
  12. Lev @ Lev:
    How wings is head admin wtf
  13. PaiN @ PaiN:
    i already regret it lmao
  14. Scripter @ Scripter:
    good shit u gay
  15. Scripter @ Scripter:
    wings got promoted??? wtf
  16. PaiN @ PaiN:
    ikr, i am surprised as well.
  17. Lord. Death. @ Lord. Death.:
    Wings green GachiGachiGachi
  18. wings @ wings:
    Yes :3
  19. PaiN @ PaiN:
    your penis probably big
  20. wings @ wings:
    8======|c: )/ hi
  21. wings @ wings:
    My penis said hi btw
  22. wings @ wings:
    I will do it later
  23. PaiN @ PaiN:
    @wings PM me your steamid please
  24. nut cracker 2 @ nut cracker 2:
    come on when the server will be fulled?
  25. PaiN @ PaiN:
    says the guy named haccoon
  26. nut cracker 2 @ nut cracker 2:
    omg no one is in deathrun right now. except me lmao
  27. nut cracker 2 @ nut cracker 2:
  28. PaiN @ PaiN:
    i am soon opening a steam zexp staff group. so make sure you got me/yair into your friendlist
  29. PaiN @ PaiN:
    That's good
  30. wings @ wings:
    Im available from midnight to 2am, which is lunchtime to 2pm there
  31. Yair @ Yair:
  32. PaiN @ PaiN:
    I am thinking about doing an event for the zexp but i gotta find a timestamp when i can get bunch of peoples
  33. PaiN @ PaiN:
  34. Noodles @ Noodles:
    Where tf is the court house! Where do we report players! We will die a fatal death if the children dont have a place to report players
  35. PaiN @ PaiN:
    nut crackcker
  36. nut cracker 2 @ nut cracker 2:
  37. PaiN @ PaiN:
  38. Yair @ Yair:
    Wow the forum has changed
  39. wings @ wings:
    Hhh donate 20 dorrars to detox to see
  40. Dildo Baggins @ Dildo Baggins:
    Pm me for it. Top notch secret shit
  41. Dildo Baggins @ Dildo Baggins:
    Who wants to see a pic of yolo eatin a burmger
  42. Dildo Baggins @ Dildo Baggins:
    Man! The things I'd like to do to this site after a lil wine...
  43. wings @ wings:
    I agree, we should make a party for that white guy that made it hhh
  44. Noodles @ Noodles:
    Zammmm. Forums looking like a snack
  45. Dildo Baggins @ Dildo Baggins:
    Nice work
  46. Dildo Baggins @ Dildo Baggins:
    Website lookin hella fresh
  47. wings @ wings:
    Also someone gib that gay money, u dont kno wat its like to have a shit country income :c
  48. wings @ wings:
    Lorddeath a beggar at heart hhh
  49. Mahony @ Mahony:
    @Detox, yes. I chose the Nick of that movie
  50. Mahony @ Mahony:
    @Gunz can you show me the report I made about you? I think you're confused
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[AMXBans] You have been banned from this Server by Admin ADMIN ON DUTY.
[AMXBans] You are permanently banned.
[AMXBans] Banned Nickname : LgK |
[AMXBans] Reason : ' Kyk_Hack/Kzh_Hack/Xhack '
[AMXBans] You can complain about your ban @ www.LgKCommunity.Com
[AMXBans] Your SteamID : ' STEAM_0 : 0 : 1748350387 '
[AMXBans] Your IP : ' 2.84.238.

In Game Name: LgK | ΧαΚεΡ
SteamID: STEAM_0 : 0 : 1748350387
Reason(s): Kyk_Hack/Kzh_Hack/Xhack
Ban Length: Permaban
Explain your side of the story: I was playing with 250fps and i was strafing and doing sgs and he came and ban me
Approximate Time of incident: As i remmeber it is around 1-2 weeks
Provide any evidence that you have (i.e. Demos, screenshots, etc): I dont have any proof. My demo are not get saved


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Demo Reviewer
So basically my dude , you were easily playing with 60-40fps drops , as you run your script , Dd script & Strafe script , your fps jumps into 150-300 fps very fast , and you gain speed with 0 strafe , as for dd script it's easy , cause it does have a failure timing , Duck Jump (called russian duck) , happens only when you lag little bit and that exposed you .

Like the dude said around 1 week ago , i don't have the demo. cause of cleaning my cs. and basically he was cheating that how it's end.

We accepting all ur words, but we can't do anythings without the proof.

U have must keeping the demos at least 1 month then u can clean up.

Admin warned.


And about you, I recorded u when i was not admin here i will post it @DasWolfe @Detective Potato please review it and make judge.

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then why there is auto-demo recorder in the server , in case the client get banned and he can upload it and he prove that his innocent.
Very well, Tell me what's duty of the admin? recording the demo before ban, this is not good resaon to deny it. and please patient to high ranks makes judge.

Natsu Dragneel

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i worked for different communities and i never saw this type of admin rule to record before you ban lol i'm out peace , enjoy your life mate , trying to show you the right way but you want to stuck on it , the ban system its easy (ADMIN BANS THE CHEATER / THE CHEATER MAKE UNBAN THREAD IF HE IS CLEAN AND HE UPLOAD A DEMO TO PROVE HIM SELF) nothing less or more enjoy.
Actually it's always been like that, we record him so everyone can see that he is cheating, the auto record glitches alot, so some times it gets removed after reconnecting. so Admins keep a backup from their view. Nub


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I'll Re-Open this thread but please, everyone avoid to make unnecessary posts.
@KiTleRz i don't doubt in your judgement, you know pretty well if a player is cheating or not, but:
U have must keeping the demos
Sometimes banned players doesn't even know how to upload a demo, because they are too dumb or because they know are cheating. Also demos from spectate are better because one is able to see from 3rd Person and First Person, giving us a more clearer view of the player to determine if they are cheating or not.
We are looking to make this process a quick procedure, then, admins saving their demo saves a lot of time, if you would saved/not deleted your demo, this case would be already over.

@Farzad_siR i already checked your demo, and i must say he looks clean BUT i don't know why, but his jump spec key is solid, so maybe he is using macros/scripts, it's dirty. Also only me or HA+ of ZP can giving warning to the admins.

@XaKeP i'll give you 24 hours to upload some proofs, search in your cstriker folder a file that should have this name: [STEAM_0_0_1748350387]LgKZzP.dem, That's is your demo file that our server automatically starts recording once your connect, please try to upload it here or in
If in 24 hours you don't upload proofs to show us your innocence, i'll close this thread and deny your request.
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