Plague New Server Manager For ZP & More.

  1. Robert.ply Robert.ply:
  2. gaNi gaNi:
    yo @Ultras|x30n1 can u check my report idk thes hack ..
  3. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    sup @Detox : )
  4. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    so get roasteeeddd
  5. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    with the power of the edit i say shit and u cant proove it
  6. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
  7. gaNi gaNi:
    i will put report
  8. gaNi gaNi:
  9. gaNi gaNi:
    ill show
  10. gaNi gaNi:
    @Detox the bugs like the hell in DR server
  11. gaNi gaNi:
    lol @yeetedgoat u poisn me
  12. Detox Detox:
    thats not nice to put people in situation like that
  13. gaNi gaNi:
    whoever texts next is gay (dont ban me pls)
  14. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    roses are red , i like cheese ^
  15. gaNi gaNi:
    ya @Olympus_Dragon wassup !
  16. Olympus_Dragon Olympus_Dragon:
  17. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    im a dumbaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssS
  18. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    my account isnt limited
  19. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    nah i added u
  20. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    @wings my acc is limited i caant do shit
  21. wings wings:
    What was that map in zod where theres a hole in the middle but u can climb it? Then other parts of the map is a chain linked fence and a huge glass on top of the underground? @Lord. Death. Can u add that map? Or is it not allowed?
  22. gaNi gaNi:
  23. Dangerous Dangerous:
  24. wings wings:
    Gud night
  25. wings wings:
  26. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    give me ur steam wings
  27. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
  28. Nomer3 Nomer3:
    2020/5/1 pc new me
  29. Nomer3 Nomer3:
    no 2019 pc giveaway
  30. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    add meh
  31. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
  32. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
  33. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    do u have steam add me on steam
  34. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
  35. wings wings:
    dont tell me about your friendzone hhh, like i told u before, if u get rejected, it's game over, your best bet is to try to hit on another girl, i wanna try myself to hit on unpopular girls, that's why my plan is to go to nippon someday
  36. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    just watch it
  37. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    This motherfuckers content is better than Hobs&Shaw and any hollywood sshit together
  38. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
  39. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    and u will be a Contributor
  40. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    connect 2 pcs and start contributing to LgK
  41. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    start streaming with it -_-
  42. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    @Nomer3 ? you are doing a gaming pc giveaway?
  43. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    you are doing a pc giveaway?
  44. Nomer3 Nomer3:
  45. Nomer3 Nomer3:
    @yeetedgoat school day 10 exam A+ ask dad : yes Giveaway pc gaming
  46. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    that shit is a fucking dream out of matrix
  47. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    or msi star destroyer pc
  48. Nomer3 Nomer3:
  49. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    search in google - helicarrier pc
  50. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    have u seen a 40$ k pc ?


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Update On Server Manager For ZP:

After Am-nesia selling his soul to Lost Souls community and decided to get used like a piece of tissue at their community due to him gaining "better access", we had decided to take our time and carefully make decision over the new ZP Server Manager.

After discussing with serval others, we decided that we should hand over ZP to @DasWolfe, him showing his interest and wanting to serve for us to make ZP a better place, I can say that he would be a great candidate for the team. His behavior and the way he communicates speaks a lot bout his character. With that being said, I'll announce you @DasWolfe as your new Server Manager.

We can't wait to see what you have for ZP and what adjustments you would like to make for us in the community. I'm counting on you, brother.

Head Admin:

New Head Admin to be decided..

& last but not least.

One of our admins from ZP who is also known as @.ReD.WinG. is interested to help out as being somewhat a developer for the community. We will have him to set up plugins and help us on things which will be required in the community. I will give him a month at least and see what he has for us, he will be on a 1 month test. After 1 month, we will decide if his performance was good or not. For now, @.ReD.WinG. is going to work on Zombie Exp (Don't get confused with Zombie Plague) as he's going to be on his trial, if he does it well and set things perfectly then he has passed his trial.

Welcome to the Developer Team. Good luck @.ReD.WinG. I wish you all the best, let's see what you're made of.

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GG my bois, good luck


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Since TheONEAndTheONLY has drowned to the milking river, I'll be taking over the zp SM role since I'm the one who built most of it and kept it up.
No one is taking over the role of SM yet, I need to discuss something with you, macho, xeoni and detox before we talk about this server manager topic. In before in future we get more cucks like TheONEAndTheONLY who say something to our face and act different to others.

Plus Steam just fixed their issue with Mobile where you cannot group chat, now you can though. I'll hit you up soon and we will discuss what needs to be done.

& as for the community, I'll edit this thread out once we get to resolve this whole Server Manager thing.


Server Admin
-rep , but congrats for you