New owners, co owners & staff

  1. Noodles Noodles:
    yes sir
  2. Farid_won Farid_won:
    Noodles Oodles
  3. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Did you do the limiting of special days? That seemed to be the big thing in the meeting.
  4. Kydex Kydex:
    lol honestly no clue
  5. Crazy Crazy:
    For how long this time a day? Two? Should I use a VPN just to be safe?
  6. Kydex Kydex:
    the goth king himself is back
  7. Kydex Kydex:
    ok boyz
  8. blake_won blake_won:
    It would be best to make a few changes before releasing it to spice things up, but I'm all out of ideas.
  9. Crazy Crazy:
    Oh jailbreak oh jailbreak where art thou
  10. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Just tell me when. My eyes are innocent.
  11. T thruman:
    there will be no brawl. just look the other way when i tell you @MachOMan for your own safety
  12. MachOMan MachOMan:
    -gulp- do I sense a brawl between thruman and hitman?
  13. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Good morning noodles
  14. T thruman:
    @HiTmAn you best lay up off of dom....
  15. Yolo Yolo:
    <3 u too
  16. blake_won blake_won:
  17. blake_won blake_won:
    @Yolo check steam when you get the chance. I know you're busy today, I hear you're in the white house.
  18. Noodles Noodles:
    Good morning everyone!
  19. Levinurion Levinurion:
    bitch im about my rolls
  20. Nomer3 Nomer3:
  21. Ezekill Ezekill:
  22. Nomer3 Nomer3:
    give me
  23. Nomer3 Nomer3:
    @MachOMan No :( poor [General Manager]
  24. Nomer3 Nomer3:
  25. MachOMan MachOMan:
    I'm sorry I missed it.
  26. Yolo Yolo:
  27. Yolo Yolo:
    I woke up to me being nude in my bed with no blankets
  28. Yolo Yolo:
    Yo I was fucking drunk
  29. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Gamers are the most oppressed people.
  30. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Hello, fellow oppressed person.
  31. Cockgobbler Cockgobbler:
    Hello gamers
  32. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Made me scared to leave my house because of the potential of paparazzi
  33. MachOMan MachOMan:
    All I know is dominic called me a superstar. So I'm happy...At least that's what I think he said.
  34. H HiTmAn:
    dont come here and talk shit
  35. H HiTmAn:
    u called him a dumbass while u can't spell the word "dumbass" the only dumbass in here is u dumb hoe
  36. H HiTmAn:
    @dominic stfu u thot and u are a hoe that sucks ezekills dick while he has blue waffles
  37. H HiTmAn:
    i honestly wouldn't trust any of the lgk guys that come from different clans cause u dont know what they can do with that link
  38. MachOMan MachOMan:
    It's latino guys kissing, Thruman.Have some respect.
  39. T thruman:
    @dominic Levinurrrrrionnn (insert accent)
  40. T thruman:
    @Kevin we will send out one of the finest Latino Gays Kissing members to find you. hang in there pal
  41. T thruman:
    there will be no peace until there are pieces
  42. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Sounds like a nice night in.
  43. fonzie fonzie:
    Guilty pleasures: forum drama, fancy cupcakes, binge watching jimmy neutron
  44. Nomer3 Nomer3:
    sleep all lol me
  45. Nomer3 Nomer3:
  46. dominic dominic:
    fuck you lgk machoman superstar
  47. dominic dominic:
    stfu kevin u dumas
  48. MachOMan MachOMan:
    I'll send elzar to come save you!
  49. Kevin Kevin:
    someone save me. i've been kidnapped. -K
  50. MachOMan MachOMan:
    I want my boy panther to stay forever.


Spam Machine
Hello everyone, today we have big changes happening in LgK. Lets start with the first one.

I'd like everyone to join me in welcoming @jOe21 to the position of Owner, @Chev & @Des to the position of Co-Owner. As well as @nacho & @Power to the position of Staff.

Joe, Chev & Des have been with us for a long time and worked their way from trial admin to where they are now. They've been a great asset to this clan & the management team and always wish for the best for LgK. With Chev & Des being the older staff, me and Joe agreed it they would be the ideal candidates for co owners.

Even though Nacho and Power didn't find enough activity for their servers these last months, however they always kept things interesting for them and have a commitment to our clan and an undeniable level head sense. Whenever we ask something to them, they're ready to do the job & we believe they'll be a good addition to the staff team.

After discussion with the staff team and owners, since we have seen other communities do this successfully, we have decided to make the following changes regarding unbans:
If someone is banned and would like to be officially unbanned from LgK, we now sell unbans for
$26, however the price will double for those who want to purchase it again after the first purchase. You will not get refunds if you get banned again with good reason. Do you want a second chance? We will accept your apologies and give you chances, but we are charging you money to get unbanned, its gonna be your contribution to support the clan since you decided to harm it.
Notice that this isn't taking easy on hackers, we are just changing the punishment method. Instead of completely restricting people we let them support us.

Also I will be less active from now on for some time, if you need anything you can message the guys mentioned above and the rest of the staff. Thanks.
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Congratulations guys, i know they will do a great job about it, i'm sure, and i know we'll be back on top!


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My boy [MENTION=2040]jOe21[/MENTION] i would like to say congraz you are a verey kind person a hard worker congraz for the owner rank :) [MENTION=753]Chev[/MENTION] and [MENTION=4044]Des[/MENTION] i dont really know you chev but i am sure that you worked hard to get this position and des may man good job
last but not least [MENTION=1871]Power[/MENTION] and@nacho good job boys [MENTION=1871]Power[/MENTION] pls remove ur hackes i hate it :9


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Thanks for your guys trusting and congratulations to @jOe21, @Chev, @nacho and @Power

For those who still sticks up to our clan, members and even those registered users who are still around, I would like to thank you for doing so and we will try hard to bring everything to the top, our difficulties arent easy but we are not easy to give up as well.

For every admin in LgK no matter what's your rank, I want to say that whatever are LgK issues, and trust me when I say that every community has them, most of the times we always kept a golden rule which is "promotions for those who deserve them". It's what we believe is right and the best way to reward you for your dedication, so every admin in LgK have the chance to grow up here no matter who, try always your best to accomplish your duties, think reasonable and take good decisions with your access. We are always glad to promote those people that helps us so much and make us proud of them.

If you have any concern or see something in the clan that bothers you but you dont want to share in public, feel free to talk to me in private and I'll do the best trying to understand your complaint.

@Shady, go get some rest from those big decisions, we'll also be around anytime if you feel ready to full come back.
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Congrats to the 4 guys! Lgk needed one more owner,since its a big community! Well deserved and i'm also really happy that [MENTION=4044]Des[/MENTION] got co-owner. He really deserves it!
I hope this gets better and better everyday,and it will for sure!


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Congratulations [MENTION=753]Chev[/MENTION] [MENTION=4044]Des[/MENTION] [MENTION=1871]Power[/MENTION] [MENTION=4023]nacho[/MENTION] You guys have been working really hard for a long time and I believe Y'all deserve these ranks now but I just wanted to add something to the other staffs, it was so hard to choose 2 only Co-Owners from 6 great staffs so keep it up!
Congrat @Chev @Des @jOe21 ​@nacho [MENTION=1871]Power[/MENTION]
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