Forum Medal Request

  1. Z zaki dz:
  2. wings wings:
    first post is the full guide, just read the other stuff, i made a gun tier list too Plague - Zombie Plague Guide
  3. wings wings:
    @Aquaman dude, you know who i mean
  4. wings wings:
    who was that guy again in zp? im gonna show the tutorial i made
  5. A Aquaman:
  6. Ultras|x30n1 Ultras|x30n1:
  7. Alpha Alpha:
    here she is - Screenshot
  8. Ultras|x30n1 Ultras|x30n1:
  9. Ultras|x30n1 Ultras|x30n1:
    jining is meng hoe
  10. Lord. Death. Lord. Death.:
  11. A Aquaman:
    thanks usmankhan
  12. A Asdok:
    im feeling much better
  13. A Aquaman:
    where is icegirl
  14. A Aquaman:
    wwho the hell is jining
  15. A Aquaman:
    wings who the fuck is your friend
  16. Yair Yair:
  17. Yair Yair:
    im going to send you a demo
  18. DasWolfe DasWolfe:
  19. Yair Yair:
  20. P pisshhNoob:
  21. P pisshhNoob:
  22. Lord. Death. Lord. Death.:
    @pisshhNoob post in here with the format Donations
  23. JiNing JiNing:
    @Aquaman you're a hoe
  24. Parasol Parasol:
  25. Parasol Parasol:
    ... you play the tutorial in standard ( circle ) mode or mania mode ?
  26. KinG TaZ KinG TaZ:
  27. gaNi gaNi:
  28. P pisshhNoob:
    Who handles ap and Vip for zm
  29. gaNi gaNi:
    @yeetedgoat can i suggest some name ?
  30. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    hes gonna name it : weedy , jointy , blunty idk
  31. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    im gonna name my dog .... i ll let levi decide :D :V
  32. gaNi gaNi:
  33. P pisshhNoob:
    How long it takes if I buy Vip to be active
  34. *[NeXuz]* *[NeXuz]*:
  35. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    i tamed a dog in mc :D its the cutest piece of shit ive ever seen
  36. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    couldnt hit the notes :C
  37. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    i didnt know how 2 play
  38. Parasol Parasol:
  39. Parasol Parasol:
    Wym you got mad after tutorial
  40. Parasol Parasol:
  41. Ultras|x30n1 Ultras|x30n1:
  42. gaNi gaNi:
  43. wings wings:
    no not, staff, htat's a bad idea hhhh, admin i mean
  44. wings wings:
    i hope he becomes staff here, we need more allies in the zp police force :'v
  45. wings wings:
    manti? staff from zod, weird guy but he's not a bad person, well he harrassed my friend and never got punished for it lol
  46. wings wings:
    hello manti
  47. Yair Yair:
    who is this guy?
  48. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    sup yall
  49. Lord. Death. Lord. Death.:
    Cant figure it out, fucking punjabi
  50. Levinurion Levinurion:
    Oh. Welcome, Manticock @Aquaman
Medals you should have: AimBotter!
Why you should have it?:I'm very good at headshots from afar, i have a lot of headshots see photo


Staff member
This medal is more for classic/dust2 server. As @PaiN said, you can easily turn on cl_minmodels and just mass headshot the zombies. If you're interested in some of the ZP medals, we do have some ZP medals. I'll deny the aimbotter medal, but keep this open so you can apply for some ZP ones.