Jailbreak Jailbreak Poll (Moving Forward...)

  1. Noodles Noodles:
    yes sir
  2. Farid_won Farid_won:
    Noodles Oodles
  3. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Did you do the limiting of special days? That seemed to be the big thing in the meeting.
  4. Kydex Kydex:
    lol honestly no clue
  5. Crazy Crazy:
    For how long this time a day? Two? Should I use a VPN just to be safe?
  6. Kydex Kydex:
    the goth king himself is back
  7. Kydex Kydex:
    ok boyz
  8. blake_won blake_won:
    It would be best to make a few changes before releasing it to spice things up, but I'm all out of ideas.
  9. Crazy Crazy:
    Oh jailbreak oh jailbreak where art thou
  10. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Just tell me when. My eyes are innocent.
  11. T thruman:
    there will be no brawl. just look the other way when i tell you @MachOMan for your own safety
  12. MachOMan MachOMan:
    -gulp- do I sense a brawl between thruman and hitman?
  13. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Good morning noodles
  14. T thruman:
    @HiTmAn you best lay up off of dom....
  15. Yolo Yolo:
    <3 u too
  16. blake_won blake_won:
  17. blake_won blake_won:
    @Yolo check steam when you get the chance. I know you're busy today, I hear you're in the white house.
  18. Noodles Noodles:
    Good morning everyone!
  19. Levinurion Levinurion:
    bitch im about my rolls
  20. Nomer3 Nomer3:
  21. Ezekill Ezekill:
  22. Nomer3 Nomer3:
    give me
  23. Nomer3 Nomer3:
    @MachOMan No :( poor [General Manager]
  24. Nomer3 Nomer3:
  25. MachOMan MachOMan:
    I'm sorry I missed it.
  26. Yolo Yolo:
  27. Yolo Yolo:
    I woke up to me being nude in my bed with no blankets
  28. Yolo Yolo:
    Yo I was fucking drunk
  29. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Gamers are the most oppressed people.
  30. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Hello, fellow oppressed person.
  31. Cockgobbler Cockgobbler:
    Hello gamers
  32. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Made me scared to leave my house because of the potential of paparazzi
  33. MachOMan MachOMan:
    All I know is dominic called me a superstar. So I'm happy...At least that's what I think he said.
  34. H HiTmAn:
    dont come here and talk shit
  35. H HiTmAn:
    u called him a dumbass while u can't spell the word "dumbass" the only dumbass in here is u dumb hoe
  36. H HiTmAn:
    @dominic stfu u thot and u are a hoe that sucks ezekills dick while he has blue waffles
  37. H HiTmAn:
    i honestly wouldn't trust any of the lgk guys that come from different clans cause u dont know what they can do with that link
  38. MachOMan MachOMan:
    It's latino guys kissing, Thruman.Have some respect.
  39. T thruman:
    @dominic Levinurrrrrionnn (insert accent)
  40. T thruman:
    @Kevin we will send out one of the finest Latino Gays Kissing members to find you. hang in there pal
  41. T thruman:
    there will be no peace until there are pieces
  42. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Sounds like a nice night in.
  43. fonzie fonzie:
    Guilty pleasures: forum drama, fancy cupcakes, binge watching jimmy neutron
  44. Nomer3 Nomer3:
    sleep all lol me
  45. Nomer3 Nomer3:
  46. dominic dominic:
    fuck you lgk machoman superstar
  47. dominic dominic:
    stfu kevin u dumas
  48. MachOMan MachOMan:
    I'll send elzar to come save you!
  49. Kevin Kevin:
    someone save me. i've been kidnapped. -K
  50. MachOMan MachOMan:
    I want my boy panther to stay forever.

What is your obligation to Jailbreak?

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With GhoulGam3rs 2018 coming to an end, I would like to address the community on the server and how you each individually feel about it.

If there's any other reason you don't want to/cannot play Jailbreak, please make a reply in this thread with your feedback.

If you consider yourself a populator (Option 4.) I would like to work with you and the rest of those to organize a loose schedule to help populate Jailbreak. Please add me on Steam.


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look I'm happy to help stay on intill jb gets more people but if u are only going to do special days and not mix in a few cage days then count me out. jb has been dead for a long time and when it dose get people on all I see is special days and I want people to call a few days and then mix in a special day but nope people get mad and just go do their own thing when I ask them to call a day.

if u are only going to do special days in the jb server then make it into a mini games server or something.


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@Rin I share your sentiment. I think it's important for us to emphasize that this is Jailbreak and people should be calling days first and foremost. While it may have been okay in the past to spam special days on low population until the server got populated, we need to shift back to basics.


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CS GO, i call dibs on JB SM for CS GO.

and i have another CS GO community waiting to jump ship for a new CS GO JB


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Based off what I've seen from the people in this community, obviously a lot of you guys have a passion. And there's no denying that we have the best jailbreak server. When you look at all the other communities nfo graphs and player bases, it's consistent all around the board. The servers who aren't heavily boosted and botted are all slumping or completely dying at this time. This is due to two main reasons. I assume a lot of the people here either work in retail or office jobs, if not go to school full time. School has recently just started with the beginning of the new semester of the first year of college for some people, as well as retail businesses getting slammed with excess stock in time for the holidays. I work as a manager at a retail company, and we normally got 200-300 boxes in on our trucks and we're now getting 600-700. Easily double or nearly quadruple. As well as my company now going on holiday hours where we open an hour earlier and close an hour later. This is just a really busy time for a lot of us, and since a lot of us are in the west, this is the same boat for us all.
I used to populate other servers as hard as I possibly could by inviting people. I do know that it can be tiring after a while where you're having to invite and populate constantly. It can burn you out a heck of a lot faster from the mod than just popping in whenever you want and play a few rounds and drop if you want. During winter break, I'm sure our numbers will go back up temporarily and then drop again when classes/work resumes.
As for now, the best thing we can do is hold on to the boat and not lose hope and say that this community is dead or anything, because it is actually quite lively with the communication on forums. We currently have one main mod and that's jailbreak. And you look at every jailbreak server and they have the same exact graph we do in population. Look at LgK for example. The ONLY servers of theirs that have population are the ones who have people boosting it every week. If they did not have those people or those servers, they would look like we do.
The thing to keep in mind is when the summer was here, we were on top of the jailbreaks. We had nearly full servers if not full with an all steam player base. All the other communities have made their servers nonsteam and still couldn't pull the numbers we could half the time.
So I wouldn't be discouraged in the numbers right now. Best thing we can do is keep active in forums and pop into the servers whenever we can get a good number of people going and accept that for how it is at the time being. Obviously we still must try and get the servers off the ground, I truthfully haven't stepped foot in jailbreak lately because when I'm not at work, I'm buried in plugins for zombie.

But yeah, pretty much TL:DR We're OG, just need to wait for the holidays to be over.


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I appreciate the optimism, @MachOMan.

My biggest concern with basing projections on last year/years before is that GG JB was brand new. I believe a lot of the population can be contributed to the hype. It died around Feb-Mar and took back off in the summer. Once we got to the summer, the community was having serious issues with toxicity that pushed a lot of people away.

With most of the long-term population now gone, what we do in Nov and Dec of this year is crucial to the survival of JB. I can't just expect old members to pop back in when noone familiar is there to greet them.

Because of this, I want to direct focus on building the community without heavy reliance on old, popular members. A lot of Jailbreak's appeal comes from the community that surrounds it. If that's not in a sound place come peek population months, I don't think we can safely rely on people just jumping back in.
13 days late, but whatever.

For me it's a combination of 1 and 3. The mod gets boring after playing for a while. I'm sure many other people feel the same way. Back in the days of AG, we'd have TTT to take care of players bored with JB. Then when they became bored of TTT, they simply reverted to JB. Granted, there were players who exclusively stuck to one or the other, but I still saw a good bunch of people alternate between the two. The two complimented each other well and the lack of a second gamemode now really seems to be bringing it down.

Constant updates definitely help JB feel fresh, but I feel like the updates that we do receive are negligible at best. Besides that, I think the mod has gotten to the point where it can't really be improved in a substantial way anymore.
The only thing that separates us from the other servers that are more active, is this one is steam only. When I first joined it wasn't steam only and it felt like it has a lot more players. I get why making this server requires you to have steam but that, I feel has been the biggest obstacle.
The only thing that separates us from the other servers that are more active, is this one is steam only. When I first joined it wasn't steam only and it felt like it has a lot more players. I get why making this server requires you to have steam but that, I feel has been the biggest obstacle.
It got changed to steam only because we banned sanji he would constantly just join and Mfk and kill the server. We’ve had talks of making it non steam again but I personally don’t think it would be a big impact on the player base
It got changed to steam only because we banned sanji he would constantly just join and Mfk and kill the server. We’ve had talks of making it non steam again but I personally don’t think it would be a big impact on the player base
wooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaah we're half waaaay theeeeeeeeeeeere
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