General i resign

  1. French French:
    Okey, thanks you <3
  2. DasWolfe DasWolfe:
    In 5 minutes you should be fine
  3. DasWolfe DasWolfe:
    Wait for a while
  4. French French:
    I got a CONNECTION PROBLEMS, and I pressed 1 2 3 4 just for fun and then I got banned...
  5. French French:
    Banned for move commands flooding (burst) Connecting to You have been banned from this serv
  6. DasWolfe DasWolfe:
    banned? for what?
  7. French French:
    I got banned lmao
  8. Wassim Wassim:
    Levi unban him
  9. Wassim Wassim:
    Ty Levi
  10. ITZzJose ITZzJose:
    🇻🇪! Xd
  11. ITZzJose ITZzJose:
  12. hEaD hEaD:
  13. Levinurion Levinurion:
    but yoans will remain banned.
  14. Levinurion Levinurion:
    i will unban him.
  15. Melissa Melissa:
    sin problema, al rato entro
  16. Wassim Wassim:
    Yami is My cousin
  17. Wassim Wassim:
    Yami is not Yoans
  18. ITZzJose ITZzJose:
    @Melissa Thanks mel
  19. Wassim Wassim:
  20. Melissa Melissa:
    te mandare le apoyo
  21. ITZzJose ITZzJose:
    he gave me a lot of laughter xd
  22. Melissa Melissa:
    avisame cuando quieras hacer la publicacion
  23. Melissa Melissa:
  24. Melissa Melissa:
    well then this can be resolved ...
  25. Levinurion Levinurion:
    man dd2 admins, it must be hard for them to administrate. Dd2 is more complicated
  26. Levinurion Levinurion:
    sorry @Melissa maybe i over did it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  27. Levinurion Levinurion:
    i'm done with dd2, had to go on ZP to refresh the braindeads
  28. ITZzJose ITZzJose:
    ._. what
  29. Striker. Striker.:
    @Levinurion u done yelling and trolling in DD2?lol
  30. Melissa Melissa:
    you do it whenever you enter, do not incunbe me but only diminish it, it is annoying the noise you yourself saw as you cursed you there inside ...
  31. Wassim Wassim:
    he use name Yoans
  32. Wassim Wassim:
    Levi Yami it not Yoans
  33. Levinurion Levinurion:
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  34. Levinurion Levinurion:
    don't mind me
  35. Levinurion Levinurion:
    i'm being a meme material
  36. Melissa Melissa:
    What is your problem with spam? You bane others for doing that but you do it non-stop? Levi
  37. Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel:
    Bell has been banned.
  38. W wings:
    bring it on white boi
  39. W wings:
  40. Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel:
    and ill be there to rekt u
  41. W wings:
    anyway actions speak louder than words, watch me for 1week i'll get back into zp
  42. W wings:
    im not avoiding it, i just got busy with other stuff
  43. D Donnie Brasco:
  44. D Donnie Brasco:
    bellucci in dd2
  45. DasWolfe DasWolfe:
    why you was avoiding zp in first place?
  46. W wings:
    not sure honestly, no reply from levin yet, but im gonna start playing zp again
  47. DasWolfe DasWolfe:
    wings demoted?
  48. W wings:
    but imma earn my admen back :3
  49. W wings:
    im a regular citizen now jajaja :'v
  50. Yair Yair:


Server Admin
Un resumen de todo esto: Renuncio.

y quien quiera leer por qué es bienvenido, por supuesto, la verdad no es importante, pero aquí está:

Por ahora, quiero posponer mi renuncia al administrador, ya que aparentemente no tengo forma de administrador y le he dado una imagen falsa de la mayor parte de un imbécil llamado AMnesia que sabe lo que le sucedió.
Solo diré que lo que hago que crees que es malo es con un motivo y un objetivo para justificar, no soy agresivo ni imprudente con nadie, siempre fui serio y con pocos amigos, me había ofrecido ir a Lgkloogo un copropietario que mi trabajo de administrador lo hizo bien y que el otro administrador no lo hizo, ya que no entendieron a sus jugadores.
No lo hice, lgk resultó ser un servidor común para ser el favorito en mi lista y también fue una de las razones por las que había días en los que no dormía jugando, eh, porque soy muy activo en eso. prohibí a los jugadores que siempre les dieran problemas y ya conocía a todos los que estaban allí, siempre que lo hacían, hablaban mal de mí y me contaban los amigos que tenía, esa es la razón por la que tengo enemigos. Es como la frase No criticar a una persona por su apariencia.
En pocas palabras por qué renuncié.
Piensan que soy un niño, de mal humor, pero es todo lo contrario.
Si hablaran español, entenderían todo lo que sucede en LG ZP y por qué hago lo que hago.
Sé que nunca ganaré nada con esto, pero solo porque piensan que no hablo inglés, solo que tengo el problema de traducir la página.
Ahora sé que @DasWolfe entenderá todo esto, es el único que me entiende y quién será un buen administrador y sobre @ITZzJose que quería aplicar, ahora se duda después de ver qué pasa conmigo y cómo saber si pueden hacerlo. Trátalo para que el también hable español.
Solo dire que por mi parte tienes mi +100 ya que sé que lo harás bien
Ahora solo seré un jugador de tantos que puedan romper las reglas y ahora seré realmente malo con los que piensan que era y seré una buena persona con los que creyeron en mí cuando intenté ser bueno con todos, tal vez también estaría ausente porque tengo problemas que resolver en mi vida y, a pesar de eso, nunca me afectó cuando jugaba con LGK y, aunque tenía cosas que hacer, siempre invierto tiempo de ZP para hacer que un servidor sea más jugable e igual. Realmente noté la diferencia y te pueden preguntar. Pero, por supuesto, cuando aprenden español, ya que no hablan inglés y luego no lo recordarán.
@Monster #LgKing , si esto le molesta, le pido disculpas, pero solo lo hice con una pregunta para ayudarlo y que sabía que su actitud estaba afectando al servidor y que solo quería que lo viera y que solo quería que lo entendiera.
PS: Marico kkk :,)
Y eso si eso era lo que querías bien.
Aquí lo tienes y ahora puedes abusar en el servidor ya que ya no estaré more
para evitarlo
Translated into English
A summary of all this: I resign.

and whoever wants to read why is welcome, of course, the truth is not important, but here it is:

For now, I want to postpone my resignation from the administrator, since I apparently have no form of administrator and I have given him a false image of most of an imbecile named AMnesia who knows what happened to him.
I'll just say that what I do that you think is bad is with a motive and an objective to justify, I'm not aggressive or reckless with anyone, I was always serious and with few friends, I had offered to go to Lgkloogo a co-owner that my job as administrator did well and that the other administrator did not do it, because they did not understand their players.
I didn't do it, lgk turned out to be a common server to be the favorite on my list and it was also one of the reasons why there were days when I didn't sleep playing, eh, because I'm very active in that. I banned players from always giving them problems and I already knew everyone who was there, whenever they did, they talked badly about me and told me about my friends, that's why I have enemies. It's like the phrase Don't criticize a person for their appearance.
In short, why I quit.
They think I'm a kid, in a bad mood, but it's the opposite.
If they spoke Spanish, they would understand everything that happens at LG ZP and why I do what I do.
I know I will never gain anything from this, but only because they think I don't speak English, only that I have the problem of translating the page.
Now I know that @DasWolfe will understand all this, he is the only one who understands me and who will be a good administrator and about @ITZzJose he wanted to apply, now he doubts after seeing what happens to me and how to know if they can do it. Try it so that he also speaks Spanish.
Just say that for my part you have my +100 as I know you will do well
Now I'll just be one of so many players who can break the rules and now I'll be really bad with those who think I was and I'll be a good person with those who believed in me when I tried to be good with everyone, maybe I'd also be absent because I have problems to solve in my life and despite that, I was never affected when I played with LGK and although I had things to do, I always invest ZP time to make a server more playable and equal. I really noticed the difference and you can be asked. But, of course, when they learn Spanish, because they don't speak English and then they won't remember it.
Monster #LgKing, if this bothers you, I apologize, but I only did it with a question to help you and I knew that your attitude was affecting the server and I just wanted you to see it and I just wanted you to understand it.
PS: Marico kkk :,)
And that was what you wanted well.
Here it is and now you can abuse it on the server because I won't be more
to avoid it

Natsu Dragneel

Forums Moderator
Staff member
Head Admin
aight, so this kinda thing we try to prevent when we add a rule clearly says *Dont use ur powers against other admins*, You got upset from something u saw another admin doing wrong just report it ! you don't have to take actions cuz hes an admin .. am not choosing sides am with both of you staying with us, so here's the deal. Either you both say sorry and go on as nothing happend or let this be and move on with this so called drama, you both are good admins, it would be sad to see some one leave cuz of some mistake, no one is perfect and no one will ever be, take my advise and lose this right now.


Server Admin
From Lübeck. Germany
I agree with @Natsu Dragneel, i think its enough of this. You are a very good admin an losing you for this is stupid, also is bad for the server. Both are capable admins, yeah can mistake sometimes, but everybody makes mistakes. Just make sure this doesn't happens again in the future, if you have a problem, talk it first, if not, report it. End
oh noo my spanish teacher :(


El Manager
Staff member
General Manager
sanjis house

This was already settled in chat, you are taking this personal. I'll have to say that your time is not that long enough, its just only 1 week. This is not the first time you've been stripped for admin. You as an admin should know better about things. Even if something which went down with Monster, it was your duty to report it rather than using AMX commands against him. However, I'll leave the decision on you if you really want to resign from this community over this as of knowing that you are only stripped off for 1 week.


Server Admin
[QUOTE = "Levinurion, post: 149701, miembro: 3004"] View attachment 2352

Esto ya se resolvió en el chat, estás tomando esto personal. Debo decir que su tiempo no es lo suficientemente largo, es solo 1 semana. Esta no es la primera vez que te eliminan por administrador. Usted como administrador debe saber mejor acerca de las cosas. Incluso si ocurría algo con Monster, era tu deber reportarlo en lugar de usar comandos de AMX en su contra. Sin embargo, dejaré que decida si realmente quiere renunciar a esta comunidad por saber que solo se lo quitarán por 1 semana. [/ QUOTE]
[QUOTE = "Melissa, post: 149703, miembro: 7064"] No hay problema, sabes que puedes enviar un mensaje :). [/ QUOTE]
no es personal, no desde el punto de vista de que no lo hay, no se debió al hecho de que eliminó al administrador durante 1 semana, no me importa realmente sus decisiones, solo va a tomar un tiempo, la única eso te da un lgk
@ITZzJose me ayudas?
Translated in English
QUOTE = "Levinurion, post: 149701, member: 3004"] View attachment 2352

This has already been resolved in the chat, you're taking this personally. I must say that your time is not long enough, it is only 1 week. This is not the first time you are removed by administrator. You as an administrator should know better about things. Even if something happened with Monster, it was your duty to report it instead of using AMX commands against it. However, I will let you decide if you really want to give up this community by knowing that it will only be taken away for 1 week. [/ QUOTE]
QUOTE = "Melissa, post: 149703, member: 7064"] No problem, you know you can send a message :). [/ QUOTE]
it's not personal, not from the point of view that there isn't, it wasn't due to the fact that you deleted the administrator for 1 week, I don't really care about his decisions, it's just going to take a while, the only thing that gives you a lgk
@ITZzJose help me?


Staff member
I'm not entirely sure on what happened, as I wasn't told about this. But I really want you to stay. It seems that it was just a problem where you didn't know you couldn't do something and made a mistake. You should really stay. You're a great addition to ZP and have been a great admin. Don't let one incident take that away.


Forums Moderator
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Head Admin
'Make mistakes, but learn from them and move on.'
I'm sad to hear you want to resign, but I, as a staff member, would also like to encourage you to stay. If your decision is final however, I won't block your way.
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