Jailbreak Changelog

  1. Noodles Noodles:
    Im an evil doge
  2. MachOMan MachOMan:
    So I am now resigning. Farewell, friends.
  3. MachOMan MachOMan:
    I bought the Witcher 3 and Final Fantasy XV for $20 for both.
  4. MachOMan MachOMan:
    What color do you want hitman?
  5. H HiTmAn:
    pretty please?
  6. H HiTmAn:
    yo macho add a color to my name
  7. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Noodles? More like poodles. Because he's adorable. And possibly evil, but we ignore that.
  8. Noodles Noodles:
    yes sir
  9. Farid_won Farid_won:
    Noodles Oodles
  10. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Did you do the limiting of special days? That seemed to be the big thing in the meeting.
  11. Kydex Kydex:
    lol honestly no clue
  12. Crazy Crazy:
    For how long this time a day? Two? Should I use a VPN just to be safe?
  13. Kydex Kydex:
    the goth king himself is back
  14. Kydex Kydex:
    ok boyz
  15. blake_won blake_won:
    It would be best to make a few changes before releasing it to spice things up, but I'm all out of ideas.
  16. Crazy Crazy:
    Oh jailbreak oh jailbreak where art thou
  17. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Just tell me when. My eyes are innocent.
  18. T thruman:
    there will be no brawl. just look the other way when i tell you @MachOMan for your own safety
  19. MachOMan MachOMan:
    -gulp- do I sense a brawl between thruman and hitman?
  20. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Good morning noodles
  21. T thruman:
    @HiTmAn you best lay up off of dom....
  22. Yolo Yolo:
    <3 u too
  23. blake_won blake_won:
  24. blake_won blake_won:
    @Yolo check steam when you get the chance. I know you're busy today, I hear you're in the white house.
  25. Noodles Noodles:
    Good morning everyone!
  26. Levinurion Levinurion:
    bitch im about my rolls
  27. Nomer3 Nomer3:
  28. Ezekill Ezekill:
  29. Nomer3 Nomer3:
    give me
  30. Nomer3 Nomer3:
    @MachOMan No :( poor [General Manager]
  31. Nomer3 Nomer3:
  32. MachOMan MachOMan:
    I'm sorry I missed it.
  33. Yolo Yolo:
  34. Yolo Yolo:
    I woke up to me being nude in my bed with no blankets
  35. Yolo Yolo:
    Yo I was fucking drunk
  36. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Gamers are the most oppressed people.
  37. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Hello, fellow oppressed person.
  38. Cockgobbler Cockgobbler:
    Hello gamers
  39. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Made me scared to leave my house because of the potential of paparazzi
  40. MachOMan MachOMan:
    All I know is dominic called me a superstar. So I'm happy...At least that's what I think he said.
  41. H HiTmAn:
    dont come here and talk shit
  42. H HiTmAn:
    u called him a dumbass while u can't spell the word "dumbass" the only dumbass in here is u dumb hoe
  43. H HiTmAn:
    @dominic stfu u thot and u are a hoe that sucks ezekills dick while he has blue waffles
  44. H HiTmAn:
    i honestly wouldn't trust any of the lgk guys that come from different clans cause u dont know what they can do with that link
  45. MachOMan MachOMan:
    It's latino guys kissing, Thruman.Have some respect.
  46. T thruman:
    @dominic Levinurrrrrionnn (insert accent)
  47. T thruman:
    @Kevin we will send out one of the finest Latino Gays Kissing members to find you. hang in there pal
  48. T thruman:
    there will be no peace until there are pieces
  49. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Sounds like a nice night in.
  50. fonzie fonzie:
    Guilty pleasures: forum drama, fancy cupcakes, binge watching jimmy neutron
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Rule Changelog:
1. Clarified what "finishing/completing a race" is.
Finish Line/Completing a Race: The first player to cross the finish line is the winner. Unless stated otherwise. e.g "First to complete KZ, your feet must touch the ground". A player jumping outside the designated area is not considered a winner. i.e a player jumping from a platform in KZ might leap higher than the finish line, however as they are outside the designated area they do not cross the finish line. @Smooshie @crest

Staff Changelog:
1. Re-added @fonzie 's administrator. As some of you might know @fonzie resigned a while ago as a lot was going at the time and he did not feel like he can handle the stress of administrating the server on top of what was going on in his life. While it's too personal for me to go into detail and explain publicly, we understood the situation and we told him we would reassign his administrator once things got better. Welcome back to the team.
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Rules Changelog:
1. Removed: "Be advised that Fake AFKing is against the integrity of the game and if abused can lead to further punishment such as slays. This is not to be confused with hiding inside the cell area." from the "AFK Check" section. @fonzie , Stinky @Slider1138

2. Edited every part referring to a last request game to "Last request event". As "Last request" refers to the period when there is only one prisoner alive, even if they have not selected a last request event yet. Last request commences when there is only one prisoner alive. Refer to the Last Request section of the rules for more information. @fonzie

Edit: To further clarify, "last request" is simply the period after there is one prisoner alive. "last request event" is the last request game itself, such as boxing.

Taunting is no longer in effect during last request. Not just last request events.
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1. Added amx_gangleader. Post on the forum if your gang leader is inactive for over a month to request a leader change. @Crazy

2. Moved the soccer ball in Hunger Games special day. @Smooshie

3. Adjusted paint so it can be used while reloading. @Smooshie

4. Added healing to the blood analyzer in The Thing special day to make it a multipurpose tool.

5. Replaced 500HP last request with 1HP. @Crazy @fonzie @Odin @Walter


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1. Added /checkpoint and /cp in realms to set your own spawn point in the Player vs Environment realm. E.g You can set it at the start of Surf, DeathRun, Lasers Game/Duck & Jump ..etc @Foo

2. Added amx_warn, amx_unwarn, amx_resetwarn for headadmins+ to issue warnings for players and staff. @Foo @Walter @Crazy @thelongestnameyoucanthave

3. Added amx_checkwarn for all players to check the warnings of other players.



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1. Added jackpot to the casino. This has been sitting in the to do list for some time now. @BesTeD and @Foo requested a jackpot several months ago, not to mention all the recent requests for a lottery and new betting games. It was about time we give the players a new way to lose their hard earned gold. @BesTeD @Foo hygienic @Slider1138 @crest

2. Moved the ball in Hunger Games. The previous fix wasn't working. @Smooshie


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Rules Changelog:
1. Removed "If the cell doors are opened by a prisoner, the day becomes an unrestricted free day. Even if the warden has already issued a command." as the plugin takes care of that.

Plugin Changelog:
1. Added Hitman Day. Every hitman is assigned a target. The target does not know who the hitman is and can not damage the hitman until they use a weapon. The target is visible on the radar. Once the target is eliminated, another target is assigned. @Slider1138

2. Adjusted the cooldown between the thing transformations to 5 seconds. @fonzie

3. Friendly fire cage activity will now take glows into consideration before applying friendly fire. @MachOMan

4. Removed turf wars cage activity. Use glows and friendly fire to emulate turf wars.

5. Added man on fire cage activity, like ticking time bomb but players are dealt damage every second until they pass the flame. @Kimberly

6. Added custom LR where the player specifies the rules of the LR (race, kz, surf ..etc), @thelongestnameyoucanthave

7. Removed race LR. Use custom LR to race. @thelongestnameyoucanthave

8. The jackpot will now only send one chat message when a jackpot is opened. All the other messages will only be sent to players taking part in the jackpot. Use the casino menu to check the current value of the jackpot. @pR0 No08

9. An open jackpot will end and pick a winner when the map is about to change even if the timer hasn't reached 0. @Slider1138

10. When a player is warned using amx_warn, the MOTD will pop up showing their warnings. @thelongestnameyoucanthave


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Rules Changelog:
1. Revamped the rules. While the general idea of the rules remains the same, several "unwritten rules" were added, others were clarified, rewritten or completely modified. All staff should read the new rules and only apply what is in the new rules. @fonzie @Slider1138 @thelongestnameyoucanthave @Walter @Foo @Crazy

@Foo @thelongestnameyoucanthave @Walter @Detox @elzar @fonzie @Frank @Levinurion @Mokujin @Odin @Panther @Slider1138 @sorry @xSulfurNinjAx

Plugin Changelog:
1. The jackpot will notify all players if a deposit value is over 1000 gold, like Blackjack and Reddog. Otherwise it'll only send the message to players taking part in the jackpot.
2. Disabled cage activities during special day countdowns. @crest
3. Fixed a bug in hitman day that could assign a player an invalid target. @thelongestnameyoucanthave
4. All cage activities where prisoners can damage/kill each other will take glows into consideration before applying damage. @thelongestnameyoucanthave
5. Enabled the store during enable voice cage activity. @fonzie
6. Adjusted warden selection, the chance of getting warden twice in a row is now significantly less.
7. Added goomba stomping.


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Rules Changelog:
1. Clarified the cell lock down rule. There was confusion over closing the cells to combat fake AFKing, after the prisoners are given enough time to leave them.
(Old) Punishment, cell lock down and any days forcing prisoners to remain in the cells are prohibited.
(New) Punishment day, cell lock down day and any days or commands commanding prisoners to remain in the cells are prohibited. @Detox @fonzie @nova

1. Modified teamkilling on a freeday.
(Old) Team killing is prohibited for prisoners with a free day during regular days.
(New) Team killing is prohibited for prisoners with a free day during regular days. A slay will be issued immediately to prevent additional team killing, or retrospectively if no staff is present. @Slider1138 @crest

3. Added: The warden is not permitted to modify commands where two or more prisoners are competing after the command has been completed by a prisoner. i.e A prisoner cheating to win a race must be awarded the win if cheating was not disallowed. The warden may only recall prisoners and modify the command if no prisoner has completed the command. @Walter

Plugin Changelog:
1. The Things will now glow red for all dead players. @fonzie
2. Fixed goomba stomping overriding special day restrictions. @crest
3. A player's mysterybox will disappear when the player disconnects or respawns. @crest @Frank @CROOKED.
4. Added amx_slaynr (slays/-slays/0) for staff to issue auto slays with reconnect support.
5. Added amx_remive (name) to revive players in the cage. @dominic


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1. Changed player sprays in spray contest to the same spray to prevent custom spray abuse. Guards should decline any custom LR that uses sprays. @CROOKED.

2. Added Longjump LR options to prevent abuse with unreasonable rules that delay the round. @pR0 No08 @crest @tempo

3. Fixed gang gravity after using parachutes and during LRs that don't require normal gravity. @crest

4. Nerfed stealth. Added a sound emitted from the player when invisibility is enabled. Disabled invisibility when switching to any weapon other than a knife for the 45 second duration of stealth. @thelongestnameyoucanthave @Detox @JamesonTheSavage

5. Added boombox track titles to the boombox menu.

6. Added "unglow all" to the glow menu. @thelongestnameyoucanthave

7. Changed the achievement unlocked sound to a quieter and less distracting sound. @Crazy

8. Fixed autoslays not saving when "amx_slaynr name 0" is used. @crest


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1. Fixed a glitch that prevents the thing from transforming in rare cases. @thelongestnameyoucanthave

2. Fixed a bug that caused dodgeballs to stick to and block some doors. @crest

3. Enabled multiple cage activities. @crest

4. Added stealth/invisibility detection to the nightvision store item. Invisible players will glow if you have nightvision turned on. @Detox


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Rules Changelog:
Adjusted rebelling conditions to avoid confusion. This is simply a change in wording, the rules remain the same. Prisoners are considered rebelling only for as long as the rebelling conditions are in effect unless stated otherwise.

(Old) Not being in the current activity area as specified by the warden. This remains the case until the prisoners makes it to the area.
(New) Not being in the current activity area as specified by the warden.

(Old) Aiming a gun at a guard.
(New) Aiming a gun at a guard. The prisoner remains a rebeller even if they aim elsewhere afterwards.



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1. Modified Blackjack. To most players the change won't be noticeable at all. It is mostly a backend modification. After going over our blackjack system with @CROOKED. He pointed out differences in terms of rates and odds to online casinos. In fact according to @CROOKED. under certain conditions and using certain strategies coupled with the rates we offered, the player had better odds than the dealer. The new blackjack should work exactly like online casinos, which was always the goal.

2. Added Video Poker to the casino.


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1. Added Bloodletter special day. Players continuously lose blood and take damage over time. Dealing damage to other players heals up to 100HP. First player to reach the frag limit wins.

It didn't turn out as fun as I had hoped, but we can always remove it or modify it and improve it.

2. Adjusted snowball speed in snowball special day to give it a more natural feel. @Walter

3. Added "ghosts" to simpsons hit & run special day. When you die you turn into a ghost, you can shove players as a ghost. @a wild noob.

4. Added Semiclip cage activity to allow players to pass through each other.


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1. Added Sparta special day. Not to be confused with the old school sparta day with deagles and shields. You get a sword and a shield. You can attack while in defense mode but you leave yourself vulnerable for a few seconds.


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1. Added Snatch special day. Players start with their babe + 1000 points. Snatch babes and maintain possession of them to gain points. You lose points if someone else has your babe. You can also find runes (power ups) around the map to help you snatch babes. @Snake_alfonzie
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