Dust2 24/7 Admin App - Noodles

  1. Z zaki dz:
  2. wings wings:
    first post is the full guide, just read the other stuff, i made a gun tier list too Plague - Zombie Plague Guide
  3. wings wings:
    @Aquaman dude, you know who i mean
  4. wings wings:
    who was that guy again in zp? im gonna show the tutorial i made
  5. A Aquaman:
  6. Ultras|x30n1 Ultras|x30n1:
  7. Alpha Alpha:
    here she is - Screenshot
  8. Ultras|x30n1 Ultras|x30n1:
  9. Ultras|x30n1 Ultras|x30n1:
    jining is meng hoe
  10. Lord. Death. Lord. Death.:
  11. A Aquaman:
    thanks usmankhan
  12. A Asdok:
    im feeling much better
  13. A Aquaman:
    where is icegirl
  14. A Aquaman:
    wwho the hell is jining
  15. A Aquaman:
    wings who the fuck is your friend
  16. Yair Yair:
  17. Yair Yair:
    im going to send you a demo
  18. DasWolfe DasWolfe:
  19. Yair Yair:
  20. P pisshhNoob:
  21. P pisshhNoob:
  22. Lord. Death. Lord. Death.:
    @pisshhNoob post in here with the format Donations
  23. JiNing JiNing:
    @Aquaman you're a hoe
  24. Parasol Parasol:
  25. Parasol Parasol:
    ... you play the tutorial in standard ( circle ) mode or mania mode ?
  26. KinG TaZ KinG TaZ:
  27. gaNi gaNi:
  28. P pisshhNoob:
    Who handles ap and Vip for zm
  29. gaNi gaNi:
    @yeetedgoat can i suggest some name ?
  30. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    hes gonna name it : weedy , jointy , blunty idk
  31. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    im gonna name my dog .... i ll let levi decide :D :V
  32. gaNi gaNi:
  33. P pisshhNoob:
    How long it takes if I buy Vip to be active
  34. *[NeXuz]* *[NeXuz]*:
  35. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    i tamed a dog in mc :D its the cutest piece of shit ive ever seen
  36. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    couldnt hit the notes :C
  37. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    i didnt know how 2 play
  38. Parasol Parasol:
  39. Parasol Parasol:
    Wym you got mad after tutorial
  40. Parasol Parasol:
  41. Ultras|x30n1 Ultras|x30n1:
  42. gaNi gaNi:
  43. wings wings:
    no not, staff, htat's a bad idea hhhh, admin i mean
  44. wings wings:
    i hope he becomes staff here, we need more allies in the zp police force :'v
  45. wings wings:
    manti? staff from zod, weird guy but he's not a bad person, well he harrassed my friend and never got punished for it lol
  46. wings wings:
    hello manti
  47. Yair Yair:
    who is this guy?
  48. yeetedgoat yeetedgoat:
    sup yall
  49. Lord. Death. Lord. Death.:
    Cant figure it out, fucking punjabi
  50. Levinurion Levinurion:
    Oh. Welcome, Manticock @Aquaman
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Title: Administrator Application For Noodles

In-Game Name: Noodles
Steam Name: Noodles #DrakeofLgK
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:155900919
Recommendation: No one
Past Admins (Any other servers in which you've been Admin before): TDM, Knife, Surf, Jailbreak, and others back in the day.
Experience with AMX?: Yes, of course.
Other comments (Anything else you would like to add to your application that will help us better decide if you're fit to be a Staff): @doGAm eats poop on a daily if he declines me.


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