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  1. ScottAdkins

    hello fellas

    Omg macho! U are here too, i rly miss u bro :D
  2. ScottAdkins

    hello fellas

    Hello everyone, im an old member of lgk who left months ago, some of you know me good, i was an old admin of lgk but i resigned because i had some problems and i stood as a member for a few months, later on shady resigned and someone else became owner and made some changes then i noticed that...
  3. ScottAdkins


    A dumb thing is this thread lol shado its opened
  4. ScottAdkins

    black friday

    im i too late ? if not then i want one too since the last one is crashed.
  5. ScottAdkins

    Zombie Plague Staff Promotion

    Welcome back son
  6. ScottAdkins

    Hardest decision

    Good luck with ur life and school Beatriz, im gonna miss u, see ya.
  7. ScottAdkins

    New owners, co owners & staff

    congrats boys :D <3
  8. ScottAdkins

    Updates & Promotions

  9. ScottAdkins

    Free designs

    Can u do 1 for me
  10. ScottAdkins

    fortnite account for sale

    How much ?
  11. ScottAdkins

    Ideas for an new EU server.

    i would like PUBG server
  12. ScottAdkins

    just want to saye hello

    Oh come on i just said welcome like others
  13. ScottAdkins

    just want to saye hello

    Wlc .
  14. ScottAdkins

    Bad timing

    See you soon homie
  15. ScottAdkins

    basic admin

    Hi, i just bought JB basic admin with points, can u give me the access ? if there is any format sorry for not using it, i didnt see any thread that tells how to use the format
  16. ScottAdkins

    R&D Promotion

  17. ScottAdkins

    spam this to 10000!

  18. ScottAdkins

    Pyromaniac's Demo Reviewer Application

    members arent allowed
  19. ScottAdkins

    Blue LgK's Purchase / Donation

    Enjoy :D