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  1. Ezekill

    Giveaway 100$ Steam Wallet

    i add 1000$ steam wallet level 30 2020 to the prize
  2. Ezekill

    forum ideas

    @Nomer3 this is YOU and btw you should stop smoking
  3. Ezekill

    forum ideas

    i finally found a picture of @MachOMan .
  4. Ezekill

    Theory about LGK

    I'm am @Levinurion, just let you know.
  5. Ezekill

    hey fellas

    wtf @Nomer3 no dont you
  6. Ezekill

    Dust2 24/7 falqon's staff application (admin)

    Denied for this one and only reason locked
  7. Ezekill

    hey fellas

    Ban added/closed/moved thank for the report
  8. Ezekill

    lol lag ping

    Hilarious !!!
  9. Ezekill

    General LGK Breaking News

    retarded level +100000 you must be friend with Thruman lmao
  10. Ezekill

    Should we make JB non-steam?

    thanks for the good words, it shows me how mature you are. Thank for insulting my country, i dont give a shit, thank for insulting me, you prove me that i was right in my previous post. Who's the lowest now. lmao
  11. Ezekill

    Should we make JB non-steam?

    ok my last post, i just want to point something out ( @Detox @MachOMan read this ). Notice how 2 MODERATORS of your COMMUNITY talk and treat people here ( not only me ) . They are clearly not fit for this position.
  12. Ezekill

    Should we make JB non-steam?

    BIGGER LOL, go ahead and delete me from here, i'm the only one who knows the meaning of respect here, you'll never found an ounce of malice in what i said or did, never trashtalk about anyone, always trying to resolve conflicts (with Macho), trying to make peace between everyone. Have fun using...
  13. Ezekill

    Should we make JB non-steam?

    crazy, that was in the shoutbox right ? or i dont get what you're talking about, anyway that makes no sense to think that we attacked you because we hate this one. damn think a litle bit before making conclusions
  14. Ezekill

    Should we make JB non-steam?

    wow what i'm supposed to understand Frank? because i replied here i attacked your server ROFL let me laugh.
  15. Ezekill

    Should we make JB non-steam?

    i would be very surprised that you have proofs or evidence to support what you're saying. We never attempted to do so and mostly don't have time for this shit, if someone told you such a lie don't trust him.
  16. Ezekill

    Should we make JB non-steam?

    BIG LOL what "attack" !. You guys really think that we have so much time to waste.
  17. Ezekill


    I suggest GG ( GayGamer )
  18. Ezekill

    Dildo Baggins Admin Application

    please meet requirements first, you need to report 200000000 cheaters on forum then re-apply. denied/closed/moved
  19. Ezekill

    ADMIN jb

    #vouch +rep Na3em me like you <3
  20. Ezekill

    Hot Chair --------> Princess99Samantha

    thx for the nudes xx