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  1. Crazy

    General Hello JB staff team

    i mean again all they would need to do if they want staff back is post an application. But i see this is getting no where
  2. Crazy

    General Hello JB staff team

    I mean it is what it is. As you can read above all they have to do is apply and show interest in it and they get it back. While others have already shown they don't want it this the best we can do
  3. Crazy

    General Hello JB staff team

    Don't know about what? He's offering everyone staff back that is interested. Some people have shown they don't want it but all we can do is show good faith and offer it to them.
  4. Crazy

    Ct unban

    You don't know the rules. You do whatever you want and you don't give a mfk freeday after mfking. -1
  5. Crazy

    General What Kills Communities?

    160 dollars = 160000 gold. It takes far more gold than that to max a gang. I cant help but implore you to word your posts better. The way you have it makes it sound like because you donated in gg it transfers over here
  6. Crazy

    General What Kills Communities?

    I mean I bought over 150$ dollars worth of gold back in gg when I was just a member. Does that mean that everyone who's donated before gets all their gold back as well?
  7. Crazy

    General What Kills Communities?

    Why do you try and interject yourself in to everything and anything that happens here?
  8. Crazy

    General What Kills Communities?

    I mean theirs no definitive answer to this question. Some community's die because of reason Frank stated but every community is different
  9. Crazy

    General LGK Breaking News

    It's sad that's what it is
  10. Crazy

    Rage admin application

    If that Mac kid could get admin back in AG rage killer can get admin here
  11. Crazy

    Forum Walter's last message...

    I can’t help but feel I am part of the cause of xx_dragonslayer420_xx departure because of the decisions I made
  12. Crazy

    Should we make JB non-steam?

    Yea I too just happen to type “what happened to detox’s Dust2 server” out of the blue when your community hates this one. It’s just a big coincidence
  13. Crazy

    Should we make JB non-steam?

    I mean you’ve already shown you guys do
  14. Crazy

    Should we make JB non-steam?

    I mean if you wan't population get your SM to play more then an hour a day. If you take his gametracker hours he has a total of 33 hours. That's less than a hour a day, Non steam won't magically bring population up. Either find someone that is willing to put the time into getting people...
  15. Crazy

    Gonna be disappearing for a while.

    we had a galaxers mic donation drive. What about a dildobaggins computer drive
  16. Crazy

    the following changes should be made

    Literally everyone
  17. Crazy

    Dust2 24/7 We provide you the best services

    stress this website or you're soft
  18. Crazy

    Greetings pt.2

    Thought you guys didn't want to delete threads/messages? Is the trash can not good enough anymore
  19. Crazy

    Greetings pt.2

    Poor guy. @Frank allows people to speak a different language in shoutbox but not in threads..
  20. Crazy

    Rebel Contest (Re-Scheduled)

    I like that the blame is on Blake even though he isn’t apart of the community anymore