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  1. blake_won

    The Lion King Review

    This is unfortunate to say, but I am resigning from all of my positions in the community. I had a great time both in GirlGam3rs and fake LgK, however due to the nature of the general manager @MachOMan I decided to walk away. To keep it short, there was no common ground to be found. Working...
  2. blake_won


    1. Fixed the guess who bug and several other bugs that popped up due to the recent upgrade to amxmodx 1.9-dev. @everyone 2. Fixed a bug in the tags plugin that randomly gave nonsteamers tags. @Zixler
  3. blake_won

    Ultra Warden is OP

    Balancing such a feature isn't easy, but once prisoners get used to how it works it'll be easier to deal with an ultra warden.
  4. blake_won

    Plague Regarding the admins.

    Based on the following list, different tiers have different powers and flags.
  5. blake_won

    Plague Regarding the admins.

    You can still adjust flags while keeping the same rank structure as the rest of the community. As things stand all ZP staff have the admin rank on the forum. You could replace tier 1 with moderator, and tier 3 with high admin.
  6. blake_won

    Dust2 24/7 Admin Application

    @BesTeD is the most senior D2 staff. If he approves the application I can add @HoODini 's admin. @HoODini do you have a steam account?
  7. blake_won

    [General Admin] [Bested,Bester,Beasted]

    There is no GA rank.
  8. blake_won

    Plague Regarding the admins.

    We already have a community wide system in place that should be used instead of tiers. Moderators, Get access to what you call tier 1, basic admin commands but no ban commands. Admins, have access to ban commands. High admin, which hasn't been utilized by any SM yet. The same flags as admin but...
  9. blake_won

    Dust2 24/7 Cheater.

    You don't have to record demos, use the "HLTV" tab and link to the HLTV demo. You should also be able to upload demos as attachments (up to 20MB) now if that's more convenient. However anybody can get a few lucky shots or guesses, where as HLTV demos show the whole picture. Some server managers...
  10. blake_won

    Forum Report Cheaters/Hackers Format

    Reporting a Player (Format)
  11. blake_won

    Server Manager for Jailbreak.

    That's like the president deciding who gets to be their vice president? Sounds logical to me. For what it's worth:
  12. blake_won

    Server Manager for Jailbreak.

    That's incorrect. @Foo specifically asked us to handle @thelongestnameyoucanthave 's application as he didn't know him well enough at the time. This promotion was within Jailbreak, so it's well within his control. @Yolo is qualified for the position. Your arguments are not making much sense.
  13. blake_won

    Server Manager for Jailbreak.

    Your reply itself is a logical fallacy. :fonzie: The tags are the same as far as what @Yolo is able to do goes. If he had any plans to populate or make changes he had the power to do so. That does not make it okay to promote him when @thelongestnameyoucanthave passed on the option of having him...
  14. blake_won

    Server Manager for Jailbreak.

    This is an unnecessary promotion. @Yolo had the same flags and access as @thelongestnameyoucanthave and @Walter . He had the power to make executive decisions in JB too. You should know better than to promote a co SM when the current SM passed on the idea of promoting that same person as co SM.
  15. blake_won

    General Servers are up!

    Is this what GirlGam3rs died for? Four flatliners?
  16. blake_won

    LgK Community Reopening

    We would have liked to work with her as SM of the Dust2 24/7 server once it's officially released, due to her experience and what she can bring to the table. However she was already in a new community and thus declined the offer.
  17. blake_won

    Dust2 24/7 Dust2 Discussion

    Image Credit -Medno What would you like (or would not like) to see in the dust2 server? Current Features: 1. Full clip and bp ammo on spawn. You don't have to buy ammo or reload your weapon on round start. 2. Armor on spawn. 3. Defuse kit for CTs. 4. All talk and all chat enabled. 5. Kill...
  18. blake_won

    LgK Community Reopening

    All of them are still a work in progress, however, you would be able to connect to them once they're up through the following IPs: Dust2 24/7: Jailbreak: Triple Twisted Classic: Zombie Plague...
  19. blake_won


    1. Removed preset classes and added a loadout so you can pick your own weapons. @Odin @Crooked 2. Disabled spectating during guess who special day. @BesTeD @Detox