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  1. fonzie

    Music video's #rules top thread

  2. fonzie

    Music video's #rules top thread

  3. fonzie

    Dust2 24/7 Admin Application - SiGmA

    +1 @SiGmA would be a Himalayan Pink Salt addition to the Dust 24/7 staff team!
  4. fonzie

    Plague Admin Application /|\ \|/

    +1 @Wassim would be a Chocolate Clamshell Bread addition to the Plague staff team!
  5. fonzie

    Forum New server awp

  6. fonzie

    Accepting death

  7. fonzie

    Accepting death

    not today
  8. fonzie

    The Apology

    Lol just use the court house dummies
  9. fonzie

    The Apology

    hahaha you're a fruitcake
  10. fonzie

    General Runaway Princess! Freedom

    again, sorry i was mean to you.. totally didnt deserve any of it and was just my way of getting at noodles.. thanks for everything youve done not only in-game but outside of it.. cheers
  11. fonzie

    Forum Website Redesign

    sounds like an awful idea @Detox if there is 1 good thing that came from the initial merge it was the forum layout so please dont change it