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  1. Zixler

    Forum New server awp

    +REP nomer i come play thanks
  2. Zixler

    General spam to 1337

  3. Zixler

    Music video's #rules top thread

  4. Zixler

    The Apology

  5. Zixler

    General Hello JB staff team

    They can simply make an application then boom they get their positions back. We just want to know if they are interested or no.
  6. Zixler

    General Hello JB staff team

    @Cockgobbler @Noodles @Timmeh @Waz @Panther @IceGirl @SCARFACE @Mokujin and @Dildo Baggins feel free re-apply for your rank in GG and I will gladly accept you.
  7. Zixler

    General Resignation - Noods

  8. Zixler

    General Partnerships

    It actually happened. U4e and pL
  9. Zixler

    Giveaway PUBG & GTA 5

  10. Zixler

    [Admin Application] [Zixler]

    This is supposed to be closed. @MachOMan ?
  11. Zixler

    Giveaway PUBG & GTA 5

  12. Zixler

    Plague Sandbags bug?

    So you will have flying sandbags?
  13. Zixler

    The Noods Raffle

    I will be entering the Noodles Raffle
  14. Zixler

    Explian everything you bout this mode

    Call the day = Command the prisoners the whole round or till you die and do different games to have 1 prisoner remaining.
  15. Zixler

    General I need some time

    Glad to hear that bud. Welcome back!
  16. Zixler

    New SM

    Congratulations !! Now you are the manager of cocks!
  17. Zixler

    [Admin Application] [Zixler]

    Talk to @Cockgobbler and he will explain everything for you. Btw Buddytrollsten has no problem in that.
  18. Zixler

    [Admin Application] [Zixler]