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  1. Ezekill

    Happy birthday Daniel!

    Happy beerday Daniel i wish u the best bro
  2. Ezekill

    My accesses on the servers

    Ok then. If i did a mistake they will take action. No need to comment in shootbox or here. There is already a thread in staff section so dont worry about it and go play cs. Thank
  3. Ezekill

    My accesses on the servers

    fine dude, if the reason is the one I think, then ur right, there nothing there to discuss lol if not, then happy gaming :)
  4. Ezekill

    black friday

    who want cs steam?
  5. Ezekill

    Hardest decision

    I wish you could have stayed longer with us but i totally understand your situation. And you know, someday you will come back, and I'll be there to give you a warm welcome. :D I appreciate what you did for the clan and I had a lot of fun with you . Take care
  6. Ezekill

    Herbalist Unban Request

    I'm not gonna lie KapTin , my time is precious and I already watched 2 demos ( herbalist and herbalist1 ) and they were totally clean. Both demos are from an entire game from level 1 to 26. I came back to download another demo and there was still 4 remaining! I was like in which one we can see...
  7. Ezekill

    LgK Gungame server ranking

    just let you know, we are still top ranked GG server worldwide. Server rank World rank: 57 The best rank: 48 The worst rank: 74
  8. Ezekill

    Gungame Roster

    welcome Potato :)
  9. Ezekill


    should be fine now,
  10. Ezekill

    Potato's GunGame Admin Application

    Hey Potato let me be the first to tell you congratulation for being part of the GG server team..You application has been accepted, after discussing with SpooKy and the owners himself. I know you for a while now and I will keep an eye on you.:) I'm expecting from my admin to be mature and...
  11. Ezekill

    Bugs serve Dust2 24/7 - nickname

    try another tag like [LgK]
  12. Ezekill

    MainlyCute's Server Manager Application

    MainlyCute As we spoke about it in private, I will not elaborate that much. We are not stranger and already worked together as admin/ sm and staff. I know you capacities and how you've experimented this rank/role in our community. I want to mention to everyone that her past in the clan has...
  13. Ezekill

    DarkLord's Server Manager Application

    Here is what we came to, all the staffs and myself of course, as we spoke in private about this application. DarkLord Firstly I want to say that your actual involvement for the GG server is truly appreciated. You suggested and pointed out some bugs that make me think you will be a great manager...
  14. Ezekill


    I added the ban again with steam Id and IP address, let's see if it work now. thank for the report
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  16. Ezekill

    New owners, co owners & staff

    Good job to all of you boys, well deserved, I'll be there for you whenever you want . :)
  17. Ezekill

    casper2017's Purchase / Donation

    I don't know why you created 5 thread or if it's a bug.anyway thank for the purchase :) wait for the owner to confirm your donation Shady
  18. Ezekill


    I dont know the game but will choose 9 and see if it's my lucky day GoOoD
  19. Ezekill

    I do not understand why I do not keep the demonstrations.

    For me , I do it instantly when I enter the server ( to write stop in console) so i'm not bothered with that when I want to record a hacker that's because we have an auto-recording demo in that server
  20. Ezekill

    Herbalist Unban Request

    thread merge for time saving purpose since they are for the same ban. Daniel