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  1. MachOMan

    Plague Your Zombie Plague Server Manager.

    Hello, everyone. I would like to introduce you to your zombie plague server manager. @Levinurion. Now everyone knows Levin. Whether you love him, hate him, love to hate him, hate to love him. No denying he's a funny guy who cares about the people close to him. Levinurion as well as a few other...
  2. MachOMan

    LgK Community Reopening

    @HiTmAn Oh it's not? I'm on the wrong website then. Sorry guys.
  3. MachOMan

    General Servers are up!

    @Blake I'll have you know, our servers aren't flatliners. they have a .01 inch upcurve. @Yolo You'll be the head admin without immunity.
  4. MachOMan

    General Servers are up!

    Hello everyone. So there are some people asking if the servers are ready and asking for an announcement. So here it is! After a lot of hard work, the servers are now up! Things will be updated over time as well as fixed, but here are the ips. Dust2 24/7 Jailbreak...
  5. MachOMan

    pubg + cs1.6 imag :)

    Dang. We got our own merch now. Everyone by new community rules must wear this shirt everywhere they go in public.
  6. MachOMan

    pubg + cs1.6 imag :)

    Looks pretty good. Make those yourself?
  7. MachOMan

    Lmao lol cs1.6 love

    I was there in the audience. It was such a lovely wedding. The fireworks were amazing.
  8. MachOMan

    Bowl of Noodles

    Welcome back, noodles! It's been a long time. Glad you finally got that noob PC fixed. ;)
  9. MachOMan

    Plague Changelog

    This is where I will start posting updates to the logs of ZP. Starting with today's logs. 1. Added several new zombie classes. Witch and tank are two examples. Giving us a total of 11 zombie classes with intent on adding one more. 2. Added several new items to the shop. Antidote gun, flame auto...
  10. MachOMan

    LgK Community Reopening

    Well, beatriz IS a female. The offers he could have given her are limitless.
  11. MachOMan

    Plague [Admin Application] [Poonther]

    Congratulations, Panther! You have been accepted for ZP admin. You already know the responsibilities of ZP admin, as I know you're comfortable in the role. You know your stuff and know what makes ZP great. Looking forward to you and the ZP team working together to improve it.
  12. MachOMan

    General Manager Application

    Thank you for your interest, Nomer3. However, this position is not open currently.
  13. MachOMan

    General Manager Application

    Vouch. He is not a hacker.
  14. MachOMan

    na3em wtf name ?

    I want to die.
  15. MachOMan

    na3em wtf name ?

    @na3em It says that name is already in use. You'll have to choose a different one.
  16. MachOMan

    na3em wtf name ?

  17. MachOMan

    @Farid_won Deleted.

    @Farid_won Deleted.
  18. MachOMan

    hello fellas

    Hey Scott! Glad to see you here, my boy. Been a long time.
  19. MachOMan

    Dust2 24/7 Dust2 Discussion

    I do know that people want an awp limiter, that way everyone can't use an awp and it be chaos.
  20. MachOMan

    LgK Community Reopening

    Think of it as everyone's favorite book. 50 shades of grey. :giggle: