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  1. Crazy

    Dust2 24/7 Dust2 Discussion

    I remember when you came to me for a server and worked on it for maybe a day before abandoning it
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    Can I get my gold back tanks
  4. Crazy

    The End Of My Chapter

    got me
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    The End Of My Chapter

    As most people have probably noticed by now is how inactive i have been on forums as well as on the servers. My passion for 1.6 and trying to populate servers has really been drained over the last months, on top of it i started a new job that occupies me Monday-Thursday and after that i don't...
  6. Crazy

    Girlgam3rs and CSGO.

    We would really like to hear the community's opinions on CSGO servers.
  7. Crazy

    [Owner] Kevin's Application

    You might have to drop out of school but if you do that it's a +1 from me dog
  8. Crazy

    Do we really need frank as a forum mod?

    Shame the one new post a month that actually needs some form of moderating calls for a new moderator?
  9. Crazy

    GirlGam3r of the Month Vote

    What updated dev tag should there be for the person helping code for pokemod?
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    GTAV running your own server

    Gta5 RP is like Gmod DarkRP. Only way to have a successful server is to have it be 100% custom and different from every other community out there or else why would anyone leave a server they play in/are known in to start over. We would need to have someone who has played it activity for some...
  11. Crazy

    Jailbreak Jailbreak Poll (Moving Forward...)

    It got changed to steam only because we banned sanji he would constantly just join and Mfk and kill the server. We’ve had talks of making it non steam again but I personally don’t think it would be a big impact on the player base
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    Jailbreak [Moderator Application] [Crooked]

    So in all the time you’ve played with him you can only think to call him a cuck then just say you may as well just say “ since he only came back a day ago I completely forget about all the times I’ve played with him in the server and have to start my opinion on him fresh so I’ll just call him a...
  13. Crazy

    Destiny 2 free copies till november 18th

    caught in a web of lies
  14. Crazy

    Crazy you admin No what fuck me >:(

    Oh boy
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    Destiny 2 free copies till november 18th

    It's a expansion to Destiny 1 but you don't get to keep your original character. They made it a MMORPG but made you get a whole new game that doesn't transfer over your character. There's a reason why WoW is so successful. There's no WoW 2 they just keep adding on to the base game
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    Thoughts and Prayers na3em

    He’s only banned on forums you cocklords he can still join the servers
  17. Crazy

    Jailbreak The Mark of Unending Terror

    Can we get a update on this list now that the event is over and we've gone candy crazy