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  1. elzar

    Lmao lol cs1.6 love

    Booked my wedding here. Can’t wait
  2. elzar

    LgK Community Reopening

    Grey on grey looks like shite
  3. elzar

    LgK Community Reopening

    CUCKED but at least i still have my likes
  4. elzar


    Can you smoke weed in this game?
  5. elzar

    The End Of My Chapter

    @Crazy you were a good owner and I hope you will come around sometimes unlike the @Jesse. Good luck in yer new job, and thank you for giving us @MachOMan he is going to be great as well
  6. elzar

    Forum GGotM December

    No poll?
  7. elzar

    Forum GGOTM December 2018 Nominations

    @pR0 No08 hes not eligible
  8. elzar

    franky fm app

    unexpected item in bagging area
  9. elzar

    franky fm app

  10. elzar

    Forum GGOTM December 2018 Nominations

    Bump because we need more nominations
  11. elzar

    Crooked's Likes

    If only we had a forum moderator that’s in the GGIA.....
  12. elzar

    Girlgam3rs and CSGO.

    Why was @lenhard banned?
  13. elzar

    Girlgam3rs and CSGO.

  14. elzar


    Water's memory will live on. But in all seriousness I hope my man will reconsider
  15. elzar

    Forum GGOTM December 2018 Nominations

    - Image Credit - @Walter Format Credit - @thelongestnameyoucanthave The month is almost over and we need a new gamer girl of the month. Here we will nominate, then maybe “they” can add a poll for a vote. After the nominations are collected (2 nominations maximum per person) - In a week from...
  16. elzar

    Forum New Forum Badge Idea

    Badge for the Runner up in the GGOTM contest. Maybe even one for the winner as well. Thank you for your time.
  17. elzar

    Get Well Soon @Bested

    Damn @BesTeD. Glad you’re okay and I wish you a speedy recovery.
  18. elzar

    Jailbreak [Moderator Application] [Olesandman]

    Are you anything like ole greg? if so, +1
  19. elzar

    Epic Games Launcher

    +1. No one plays old oriental dominoes anymore like cs they all want EPIC