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    General Servers are up!

    Is this what GirlGam3rs died for? Four flatliners?
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    Who's officially in the GGIA? Everyone is claiming they're GGIA.

    Who's officially in the GGIA? Everyone is claiming they're GGIA.
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    LgK Community Reopening

    We would have liked to work with her as SM of the Dust2 24/7 server once it's officially released, due to her experience and what she can bring to the table. However she was already in a new community and thus declined the offer.
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    Cool avatar.

    Cool avatar.
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    Dust2 24/7 Dust2 Discussion

    Image Credit -Medno What would you like (or would not like) to see in the dust2 server? Current Features: 1. Full clip and bp ammo on spawn. You don't have to buy ammo or reload your weapon on round start. 2. Armor on spawn. 3. Defuse kit for CTs. 4. All talk and all chat enabled. 5. Kill...
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    amx_revive @all

    amx_revive @all
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    LgK Community Reopening

    All of them are still a work in progress, however, you would be able to connect to them once they're up through the following IPs: Dust2 24/7: Jailbreak: Triple Twisted Classic: Zombie Plague...
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    Jailbreak Changelog

    1. Removed preset classes and added a loadout so you can pick your own weapons. @Odin @Crooked 2. Disabled spectating during guess who special day. @BesTeD @Detox
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    There has always been talks of minecraft servers setup by the members but nothing ever came out of them. Would or does anyone still play MC? Would you be interested in playing in a GG MC server? @Farid_won can code custom plugins, assuming we can populate a server I'm sure he'd help out.
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    Forum GGOTM December 2018 Nominations

    I'd like to nominate @thelongestnameyoucanthave . He's still putting in effort to turn the tide in Jailbreak when most of us have turned into forum based members. Not to mention this might be our only chance to nominate him, unless he still falls under "people running the event". I'd also like...
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    Jailbreak Changelog

    1. Added low gravity cage activity. While I'm not sure how it would be used, a CT, @Detox requested an admin change the gravity a couple of days ago. The goal has always been to make sure CTs are limited by their creativity, not by the power and flags they have. @Detox 2. Fixed a bug in...
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    franky fm app

    The karma system or rather a reactions system is built into the upcoming version of Xenforo. We haven't upgraded as it's still in beta. You've made it clear you'd like to help forum wise long ago, and that's great. Members stepping up and playing bigger roles is one of the most important...
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    Crooked's Likes

    @Crooked is attempting to delegitimize my likes by liking 93 of my old posts/comments/status updates at once. : What's new : Latest activity. I won't report him for abusing the system, he's playing mind games and that's exactly what he wants me to do. @Crooked is impulsive and...
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    Jailbreak new year suggestion

    Like gift boxes that spawn every round and have random gold based on the amount of active players? How about adding a tree in the cage and snowmen all over the map holding a sign of some sorts, as well as making it snow in every map and changing the sky to a winter themed sky?
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    You're still the alpha head admin. I know it's the holidays season, and @thelongestnameyoucanthave is handing out staff ranks like candy to anyone that's not named @Crooked .But this is absurd, promoting a new head admin without the approval of the alpha head admin? Just when I thought I've seen...
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    Girlgam3rs and CSGO.

    While the coding language is similar, the game itself besides the competitive side isn't fun. I'd go as far as to say CSS is more fun. I wanted to like it, but as things stand I wouldn't be involved with an expansion into CSGO. The F2P update killed competitive matchmaking, and the game for me...
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    Jailbreak Community Meeting and Yolo's HA Promotion!

    What about @Crooked ? Maybe we do need a dislike button afterall.
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    Pokemod [Demotion Request] [Nova]

    Defendant's In Game Name: @clg nova 69 Defendant's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:212630530 Reason(s) why they should be banned/demoted: Inactive, failure to follow through with what was stated in his application. I also haven't forgiven him for getting @Empty #wolfpac [real] in trouble a while ago but...