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  1. Zixler

    pubg + cs1.6 imag :)

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    hello fellas

  3. Zixler

    hey bitch

    hey bitch
  4. Zixler

    Jailbreak Treasure Hunt Event!!

    original idea by @bmp Helllo everyone, time to another JB event! Information Where :Jailbreak Server Time & Date : Either Friday 16th or Sunday 18th - 3:00 pm GMT/15:00 GMT (there will be a poll).[your timezone :] Prize : One 5$ Steam game, 10K JB Points...
  5. Zixler

    VIP as a gift.

    4 thank you!
  6. Zixler

    Hardest decision

    Wish you best of luck beatjizz ;) you will be missed
  7. Zixler

    New owners, co owners & staff

    Congratulations everyone, nacho Power Des Chev and jOe21. You all deserve especially joe who never broke shady's trust. Shady thanks for your hard work, Rest in peace. A new era has begun boys. P.S : jOe21 time to move the servers to Egypt ? xd
  8. Zixler

    Updates & Promotions

    ih forgot to say Congratulations SpooKy dooky
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    Updates & Promotions

    Thanks for the hard work @JackGamePlay and gratz. @Shady gameMe sucks, hlstatsx is much better
  10. Zixler

    Change Your Passwords

    Shady shit, things are getting more dangerous :/
  11. Zixler

    If at first you don't succeed

    Could you ban that fucker?
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    Get along get along little dogies
  13. Zixler

    For all who wants Jailbreak to be active again

    No don't boost, it will get us plenty of non-English speakers
  14. Zixler

    Suggest about old jallbreak

    The mode itself isn't always an issue.The old mode used to be fun because we had players who are experienced,mature, good English speakers and entertaining. The main problem is that the players we loved have gone, either because they are busy with their life or moved to other games, so if you...
  15. Zixler

    Super Admin's Giveaway

    Only zp challenge left for me
  16. Zixler

    Basic admin giveaway.

    Thanks for your generosity but please give wisely and carefully
  17. Zixler

    GunGame Admin!

    Name In Game:? Zixler Steam ID/VALVE ID:? STEAM_0:1:74888005 How often are you on GG server on a daily basis:? like an hour a day P.S : GG is a second-option server, i play there when jb is empty or when i get bored, so i don't promise to be active that much. However, i can always get in the...
  18. Zixler

    Need opinions about zombie escape

    Anything that isn't based on how rich you are.
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  20. Zixler

    Shady me sorry u me unban pales

    jOe21 this dude doesn't give, give him a chance.