Donations | Zombie Plague

Donors may choose a perk as a special gift for contributing. The minimum required contribution is displayed where applicable.
The donation form must be filled out and posted in the donations board to request a perk.

Single Perks
[ZP] 1000 Ammo packs | $2 USD
[ZP] Basic Admin | $8 USD (Monthly)
[ZP] VIP| $10 USD (Monthly)
[ZP] More perks coming soon..

LgK Premium
[ZP] Admin + VIP combo | $15
[ZP] Admin + VIP combo (Valid 3 Months) | $40


Disclaimer: Our ZP is currently facing some bugs. If you do decide to donate, the money will be used to help keep ZP going and will be used to help maintain the server. We cannot promise that it will be bug free for the time being. So if you DO decide to donate for ZP, it is greatly appreciated and we will constantly improve and try to compensate you for your donaion.