Rules | Zombie Plague

  1. Defamation with no proof, or harassment of players including use of offensive names is prohibited. LgK advocates freedom of speech, but keep in mind people do not want to be harassed or to be uncomfortable.
  2. No girlgam3r tags allowed
  3. Impersonating staff or players including alternate spellings is prohibited.
  4. Macros and hacks are prohibited. Using scripts is up to staff discretion to determine if the script in question is detrimental to the game play.
  5. Abnormal speed is prohibited, whether it is gained by g-strafing, double ducking, bunny hopping, using high FPS or any other key commands. This does not include normal bunny hop speed. Staff will warn players to stop if they deem their speed as abnormal.
  6. Farming of any type is prohibited.
  7. Photos, videos, and digitally-created content that show sexual intercourse, genitals, and close-ups of fully-nude buttocks are prohibited
  8. Making a troll/flaming post then editting it to make someone else look like the instigator is prohibited.
  9. Do not make posts in Court House threads that do not directly involve you. (unless you're mentioned by the thread creator as a witness or you have proof of your own which you can attest to)

  1. Glitching is prohibited.
  2. Reconnecting or using /spec command to avoid being infected or killed is prohibited.
  3. Dropping all the free guns around the map is prohibited.
  4. Using infection bomb and antidote in the same round is prohibited.
  5. Trucing is prohibited. Including zombies protecting humans and humans not shooting trucing zombies.
  6. Spectators may be kicked when the server is full or nearly full.
  7. 7. Usage of hyperscroll in our server is prohibited, whether it is meant for ducking or bunny hopping. If you're caught hyperscrolling, you'll risk being permanently banned.

  1. Suicide with intent to become zombie is prohibited.
  2. Planting lasermines in the air is prohibited.
  3. Blocking team spot (which can hold more than 7 humans) is prohibited. Exception: If there are no players nearby, but zombies are.
  4. Area claiming is prohibited. Including tunnels.
  5. Using sandbags to block entrances to other areas is prohibited.
  6. Freezing zombies in front of another player's sandbags on purpose is prohibited.
  7. Wasting infection nades with the intent of delaying a round or protecting a player is prohibited.
  8. Camping as Plasma/Knifer special human is prohibited, a Plasma/Knifer is tasked to hunt down the zombies.
  9. Using sandbags to block other teammates who are about to enter the campspot with you is prohibited, unless: the campspot itself only holds one person, a zombie is about to enter the campspot or the campspot is very narrow and there is no other way to put sandbags.

  1. Zombies must try to infect and kill humans. Fake AFKing and spot camping are considered not trying.
  2. Reconnecting as a first is prohibited.
  3. Using antidote as a first is prohibited.
  4. Spawn killing as a special zombie is prohibited.

  1. Admins should always warn, slay/kick then ban other players who aren't following rules in the server, they aren't allowed to immediately ban a player without any kind of warning unless the player is known for constantly breaking rules or is a cheater.
  2. Admins can weapon themselves one weapon each round only (through amx_weapon, grenades are not allowed though) and never have more than 1 extra primary weapon.
  3. Admins can glow any player who asks - Only if they ask- and they must not become invisible.
  4. Admins aren't allowed to make the same special mode more than one times per map.