Rules | Jailbreak

Jailbreak is a prison role play plugin that modifies Counter Strike game play mechanics. The prison guards attempt to retain control over the prison, setting challenges for the prisoners to complete. The prisoners compete to win the challenges or take their faith into their own hands uniting to rebel or individually rebelling against the guards to take over the prison.

Victory Conditions
  • Elimination Victory: Eliminating the opposing team.
  • Special Day Victory: Mini game rounds where players compete against each other individually or in groups.
  • Last Request Victory: The last prisoner standing may choose to take on the guards in 1 v 1 mini games referred to as "last request events".

  1. Defamation with no proof, or harassment of players including use of offensive names is prohibited. LgK advocates freedom of speech, but keep in mind people do not want to be harassed or to be uncomfortable.
  2. Impersonating staff or players including alternate spellings is prohibited.
  3. Macros and hacks are prohibited. Using scripts is up to staff discretion to determine if the script in question is detrimental to the game play.
  4. Abnormal speed is prohibited, whether it is gained by g-strafing, double ducking, bunny hopping, using high FPS or any other key commands. This does not include normal bunny hop speed. Staff will warn players to stop if they deem their speed as abnormal.
  5. Farming of any type is prohibited.

AFK Check Giving an AFK prisoner a five second warning to follow the warden's commands before killing them.
  • Only the warden can AFK check. The warden can grant supporting guards permission to AFK check.
  • After 7:50, an inclusive AFK check can be called. i.e "All prisoners AFK check".
  • After 7:30, AFK prisoners are considered rebellers.
Cheating Using non-standard methods or methods prohibited by the command to gain an advantage.
  • Using any alternative routes to the prescribed route is cheating.
  • Using store items is cheating.
Commands A command given by a guard to the prisoners.
  • All commands require a count down of at least 5 seconds. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. Excluding starting and direct commands.
  • New commands override old commands. Excluding event commands and day commands.
  • AFK Freeze Command: A command instructing all prisoners to remain in their current position and not turn or look around using their mouse. AFK freeze is only allowed during events or cage activities.
  • Cage Command: Any command that refers to the cage. All cage commands are to take place inside the cage unless stated otherwise.
  • Day Command: A command that stays in effect for the remainder of the day, or until it is ended by the warden. e.g "Prisoners may roam the map, but must be crouching and slashing their knife".
  • Direct Command: Any command that does not require a count down. Direct commands render all previous commands void. Freeze command is the only direct command that can be called.
  • Event Command: Any command called during events. Event commands stay in effect for the entire event unless specified otherwise by the warden.
  • Freeze Command: A command instructing all prisoners to remain in their current position. i.e "All prisoners freeze".
  • Singular Command: A single command formed of up to 3 parts. e.g (1)crouching (2)following me (3)without jumping.
  • Stacked Command: More than one singular command.
  • Starting Command: The first command called by the warden. Starting command does not require a count down and can not contain stacked commands. Prisoners are given until the next command is called to complete the first command. "No delays", "No detours" or "Stay inside" can be called to further specify the first command. A new command may be issued after the cells are opened.
Delaying/Detouring Not actively following commands in the simplest, most direct and straightforward path.
Free Day A day where prisoners can roam freely.
  • Ratio free day: Called in the event the guard to prisoner ratio is unbalanced. Guards must transfer to the prisoners' team upon dying for as long as the ratio remains unbalanced.
  • Restricted free day: Guns are restricted. Guards can restrict up to two specific locations. Cells and hallways can not be restricted.
  • Unrestricted free day: No restrictions with the exception of rebel designated areas.
Free Kill The unjust murder of a prisoner. A guard is required to award that prisoner a free day the next cage day or free day, whichever occurs first. The prisoner may ask for a quick revive in place of a freeday and must be quick revived.
  • Cage activity free kill: A rebeller killed through an automated cage activity or located through a cage activity prior to a guard killing them.
  • Mass free kill: The premeditated, intentional and or random free killing of 3 or more prisoners. The round following a mass freekill is always an unrestricted free day.
Free Shoot The unjust damaging of a prisoner. The guard involved must fully heal the prisoner.
Finish Line The first player to cross the finish line is the winner. Unless stated otherwise. e.g "First to complete KZ, your feet must touch the ground". A player jumping outside the designated area is not considered a winner. i.e A player jumping from a platform in KZ might leap higher than the finish line, however as they are outside the designated area they do not cross the finish line.
Ghosting A dead player revealing information about the map or another player. This includes a player's position, health level or weapon, or the position of weapons around the map.
  • Ghosting is only allowed during free days, special days and last request.
  • Ghosting is prohibited during The Thing special day.
Gun Planting Deliberately giving a prisoner a weapon.
  • Gun planting as a guard is only allowed during events or cage activities that require gun planting.
Knifing Range A guard within knifing distance of a prisoner or an open area containing the prisoners for the current command or activity. Valid until the guard is no longer within knifing distance.
Map Sabotage Hiding or disposing of any default guns or items placed throughout the map, including weapons within the gunroom. Map sabotage as a guard is prohibited.
Rebel Designated Area Areas restricted to prisoners at all times. Any prisoner in a rebel designated area is considered rebelling until they leave the area.
  1. Any area outside the cells, before the cells are opened.
  2. Gunroom.
  3. Vents.
Rebelling A rebelling prisoner can be shot and killed. A prisoner can be considered rebelling under the following conditions:
  • Not following commands.
  • Not attempting to follow commands during a command count down.
  • Not being in the current activity area as specified by the warden.
  • Damaging a guard without justification. Excluding grenade damage.
  • Buying an auto rebel store item. (Marked red in the store menu).
  • Aiming a gun at a guard. The prisoner remains a rebeller even if they aim elsewhere afterwards.
  • Shooting a gun. Excluding events or cage activities that require shooting guns.
  • Interfering with the day while having a free day during regular days. Interfering includes blocking or standing in front of or behind guards or prisoners, impairing their movement or vision. Pressing buttons, dropping weapons, moving vehicles or breaking objects effecting or within close proximity of the current activity or the whereabouts of the prisoners or the guards, unless commanded to do so.
  • Being in a rebel designated area.
Snitch An alive prisoner volunteering to reveal or track down fellow prisoners. Usually to gain some sort of reward. e.g Last request event.
Special Days Special days are mini game like rounds.
  • All players must attempt to carry out the objective of the special day as displayed in game.
  • Camping is considered delaying the objective, including camping a trampoline.
  • Trucing is prohibited. Excluding free for all special days, provided the objective is carried out against other players.
Strict Day Prisoners take one step out of their cell while facing it and must remain frozen.
  • Calling strict days back to back is prohibited.
Supporting Guard All the remaining guards other than the warden.
  • Straying away or wondering off on the map or following freeday prisoners without explicit permission from the warden as a supporting guard is prohibited.
  • Speaking over the warden, giving conflicting commands, or hampering or hindering the warden or their commands in any manner as a supporting guard is prohibited.
  • Supporting guards must always help the warden enforce commands.
  • Supporting guards can command prisoners to drop their gun or to not pickup a gun.
Taunting A guard within close proximity of prisoners or their whereabouts that nullifies the guard's status as a guard for as long as the taunting conditions remain. A guard is considered taunting under the following conditions:
  • Entering a prisoner's cell before 7:30.
  • Being within knifing range of a prisoner.
  • Being in the pathway of a prisoner heading towards their new destination as specified by the warden.
  • Being in the area containing the prisoners for the current command or activity.
  • Taunting only applies to the prisoner being taunted.
  • Prisoners can not be penalized for killing a taunting guard.
  • Prisoners can not be penalized for not following commands while taunted.
  • Taunting is allowed against prisoners with free days, during free days and last request.
Team Killing Killing members of one's own team or gun planting them resulting in their death.
  • Team killing as a guard is prohibited. Excluding free days and special days.
  • Team killing as a prisoner is restricted to three per day. Excluding free days, special days, events where the warden permits team killing, cage activities and against rebelling teammates.
  • Team killing is prohibited for prisoners with a free day during regular days. A slay will be issued immediately to prevent additional team killing, or retrospectively if no staff is present.
  • Team Killing outside of what is permitted above will result in one (additional) slay per team kill starting at the beginning of the following day.
Walling Shooting players that can not be fully or partially seen through walls.
  • Walling as a guard is prohibited. Excluding events, cage activities and last request.
Warden The guard in charge of supporting guards, issuing commands and moving the day forward.
  • Upon the warden dying or disconnecting, all commands are void. The new warden must issue new commands and take over the day before transferring warden. Excluding day commands.
  • Calling commands endangering supporting guards without their consent is prohibited.
  • The warden is not permitted to modify commands where two or more prisoners are competing after the command has been completed by a prisoner. i.e A prisoner cheating to win a race must be awarded the win if cheating was not disallowed. The warden may only recall prisoners and modify the command if no prisoner has completed the command.
Warning Shot Shooting a prisoner as a warning for not following commands. The prisoner is not eligible for a heal from a guard unless a guard allows it.
Vent Any crawlspace that has an entrance, and an exit. Not holes in the wall.
  • Camping vents is prohibited at all times.
  • Breaking vents from outside as a guard is prohibited unless a prisoner can be seen inside the vent.

  1. The prisoner to guard ratio must not exceed 2:1. Excluding the first day of a new map.
  2. The first day of a new map is always an unrestricted free day. Guards are not permitted to intentionally suicide to bypass this day.
  3. The day becomes an unrestricted freeday if no starting command is called by 8:00, or by the time the cells are opened.
  4. Favoritism is prohibited. Favoritism includes events where one player decides the outcome of who wins and who loses. e.g Joke days with one guard or one randomly selected prisoner deciding the outcome.
  5. Punishment day, cell lock down day and any days or commands commanding prisoners to remain in the cells are prohibited.
  6. Guards must have a microphone. Microphones must have clear and audible quality.
  7. Guards must speak coherently. Staff will warn players if they deem commands difficult for players to understand.
  8. Guards are not permitted to award free days, glow or heal prisoners without valid reason.
  9. Guards are not permitted to forgive rebellers or permit them to rejoin the group.
  10. Guards are not permitted to assume a prisoner picked up a gun or killed another guard through sound or any other means. Visual proof is required.
  11. Guards are not permitted to camp the gunroom.
  12. Guards are not permitted to use tasers on freedays or players with freedays during regular days.
  13. Guards can only restrict grenades for events, not the whole day.
  14. Guards are not permitted to re-transfer warden if the guard they transfered it to, transfers it back.
  15. Guards are not permitted to transfer warden whenever they are assigned warden. Staff will warn players to call if they deem the transfers excessive.

  1. Last request commences when there is only one prisoner alive.
  2. Last request overrides all previous actions and voids any prior commands.
  3. There are three types of rules for last request events.
  4. The prisoner has 15 seconds to select a last request event or they can be killed.
  5. The prisoner has 30 seconds to explain their rules or they can be killed.
  6. All rules must be fair and equal or the guard reserves the right to deny the rules.
  7. If the prisoner commences the last request event without stating any type of rule, it is automatically standard rules.
  8. All 1HP and 35HP last request events are automatically standard rules.