Rules | Death Run

Death Run Rules
    1. do not use any kind of hack (bhop,speed hack,wall hack,hyperscroll etc. Bunny-hop scripts are not allowed) 
    2. Do not spam with your mic.
    3. Do not ghost (telling the terrorists/counter-terrorists where the terrorists/counter-terrorists are)
    4. No delaying
    5. When you are a T, please be courteous and don't leave or reconnect
    6. No Button Spamming
    7. No glitching or exploiting
    8. If you survive when falling off a trap, you must kill yourself (type kill in console)
    9. No semiclipping through teammates on the floor or places you would normally die otherwise
Community Rules
    1. Defamation with no proof, or harassment of players including use of offensive names is prohibited. LgK advocates freedom of speech, but keep in mind people do not want to be harassed or to be uncomfortable.
    2. Impersonating staff or players including alternate spellings is prohibited.
    3. Macros and hacks are prohibited. Using scripts is up to staff discretion to determine if the script in question is detrimental to the game play.
  1. Abnormal speed is prohibited, whether it is gained by g-strafing, double ducking, bunny hopping, using high FPS or any other key commands. This does not include normal bunny hop speed. Staff will warn players to stop if they deem their speed as abnormal.
  2. Farming of any type is prohibited.
  3. Photos, videos, and digitally-created content that show sexual intercourse, genitals, and close-ups of fully-nude buttocks are prohibited
  4. Making a troll/flaming post then editting it to make someone else look like the instigator is prohibited.