Donations | Dust2

Donors may choose a perk as a special gift for contributing. The minimum required contribution is displayed where applicable.
The donation form must be filled out and posted in the donations board to request a perk.


Single Perks
[D2] Gamertag | $5 USD ($2 per name change)
[D2] Administrator | $8 USD (Monthly)
[D2] Custom Skin T&CT | $10 USD (One Time Pay)($3 per change)

LgK Premium Bundle | -- (Packaged)
[D2] Administrator | $20 USD (Three Months)
[D2] Tag+Skins+Administrator | $20 USD (1 Month|Drops Down to $10 a month after first month. New skin + Tag included.)


- Once the donation is made and you are given your perks, there is no refunding. So ensure that the donation is what you want.

- Skins must be team appropriate. No T look-a-like skin for CT and reverse. Will take nearly any skin you decide, but there may be some exceptions. 

- If purchasing a tag, please refrain from obviously offensive tags as well as any advertisements. Twitch or youtube channels are fine. 

- If purchasing administrator, you MUST obide by the admin rules. Failure to do so can result in lost admin without a refund. So be warned!