Donations | Bought Perks

Single Server One Time:__________________

[DD2]/[DR] : Gamer Tag: $5 (1 per change)

[DD2]/[DR] : T and CT Skin: $10 ($3 per change -includes both teams)

[ZP] : Ammo Packs : 1:2 Ratio. 1k Ammo packs per $2. Ratio can go up to 2:2 with repeated donations. 


All Servers One Time: ___________________

[All] : Gamer Tag : $8 (Can be different tags in all servers.) $2 to change all tags.

[All] : T and CT Skin: $16 ($5 per change on all)


Single Server Monthly:___________________

[DD2]/[ZP]/[DR] : Admin : $8

[ZP]/[DR] : Vip : $10

[ZP]/[DR] : VIP + Admin combo: $15


Premium Bundles: _______________________

[DD2]/[DR] : Admin + Skin + Tag: $20 for the first month and $8 each consecutive. Changing skin and tag rules apply. 

[ZP] : Admin + Vip + AP: $15 and 1:1 Ratio. Must add extra money to account for APs. $20 = Admin+VIP+5k APs as example. 

[All] : Global Admin (Some mod restrictions) : $18 (Monthly)

[All] : Global VIP : $12 (Monthly) 

[All] : Global Admin + VIP : $25 (Monthly) 

[All] : Everything and Global Bundle : $35 (First month) $20 (Each consecutive month.) Includes Skins, tags, VIP, Admin in all applicable server as well as 2k APs. 


- Once the donation is made and you are given your perks, there is no refunding. So ensure that the donation is what you want.

- Skins must be team appropriate. No T look-a-like skin for CT and reverse. Will take nearly any skin you decide, but there may be some exceptions. 

- If purchasing a tag, please refrain from obviously offensive tags as well as any advertisements. Twitch or youtube channels are fine. 

- If purchasing administrator, you MUST obide by the admin rules. Failure to do so can result in lost admin without a refund. So be warned!