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  1. .ReD.WinG. .ReD.WinG.:
    Dead zone ?
  2. |D|eaD-|Z|oNe |D|eaD-|Z|oNe:
    bye :)
  3. |D|eaD-|Z|oNe |D|eaD-|Z|oNe:
  4. Wassim Wassim:
    good night all-.-
  5. Wassim Wassim:
    hola daswolfe como estas ¿Estás bien? hhh muerte de la risa vives en o?
  6. D DDD:
    by crazy I mean he is too good to be true =D
  7. D DDD:
    im about to report some crazy player, check it out!! xD
  8. D DDD:
  9. D DDD:
    oh THANKS
  10. D DDD:
    ah.. nvm. will figure it out...
  11. .ReD.WinG. .ReD.WinG.:
    DDD REPORT DD players --> Dust 2 Reports/Unban
  12. Wassim Wassim:
  13. Wassim Wassim:
    I'm crazy about redwing he breaks the head ffs He's just farting in the forum he'll make it toxic I think
  14. Cake Cake:
  15. |D|eaD-|Z|oNe |D|eaD-|Z|oNe:
    talk with admins they will show u
  16. Wassim Wassim:
  17. |D|eaD-|Z|oNe |D|eaD-|Z|oNe:
    and wassim pls show some respect
  18. D DDD:
    Im being too lazy lately, where to report the hacker in this god damn website lol
  19. |D|eaD-|Z|oNe |D|eaD-|Z|oNe:
    red wing pls dont listen to him
  20. |D|eaD-|Z|oNe |D|eaD-|Z|oNe:
    see wassim what u get ur self in
  21. Wassim Wassim:
    rednoob can u shut up pls ?.
  22. .ReD.WinG. .ReD.WinG.:
    hope you will understand in future
  23. .ReD.WinG. .ReD.WinG.:
    your first warn wassim from me
  24. Wassim Wassim:
  25. |D|eaD-|Z|oNe |D|eaD-|Z|oNe:
    u should be respecting your higherups
  26. |D|eaD-|Z|oNe |D|eaD-|Z|oNe:
    wassim why u show some respect for eachother and stop being childish
  27. Wassim Wassim:
    redwing ban me i waiting u
  28. DasWolfe DasWolfe:
    Red, just give up, he doesn't understands, no matter what way you tell him
  29. .ReD.WinG. .ReD.WinG.:
    wassim stop telling people what to do or what they know own your works , you are server admin , not staff
  30. Wassim Wassim:
  31. |D|eaD-|Z|oNe |D|eaD-|Z|oNe:
    immam have dinner now and comeback
  32. |D|eaD-|Z|oNe |D|eaD-|Z|oNe:
  33. Wassim Wassim:
    edite it u can close it
  34. Wassim Wassim:
  35. DasWolfe DasWolfe:
    I dont have that type of access
  36. Wassim Wassim:
    u know how to close a post?
  37. DasWolfe DasWolfe:
    Macho forgot put that tag, already told him. I guess he will put it later
  38. Wassim Wassim:
    Daswolfe ur server manager but not staff membre
  39. ITZzJose ITZzJose:
    I go
  40. .ReD.WinG. .ReD.WinG.:
    yes test :)
  41. DasWolfe DasWolfe:
    For test, dahhh
  42. ITZzJose ITZzJose:
    For what friend
  43. .ReD.WinG. .ReD.WinG.:
    i need 1 tester
  44. .ReD.WinG. .ReD.WinG.:
    anybody on ?
  45. Striker. Striker.:
    @Wassim He was just trying to explain to you that there's no need to tell the player to make a report if theres an active admin who already responded to the player. if there's no admin available then sure you can ask them to do it. until then there's no need to.
  46. Wassim Wassim:
    get record "name.dem" and go get stop and get playdemo "name.dem" and go in cstrike
  47. .ReD.WinG. .ReD.WinG.:
    what a kid
  48. M Mr. Richard Cranium:
    wassim i'm well aware, but i did not have a demo
  49. ITZzJose ITZzJose:
  50. Wassim Wassim:
    try to ban me if you are a man? in forum