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  1. ITZzJose @ ITZzJose:
    Hack the stupid nigga
  2. PaiN @ PaiN:
    i will be glad
  3. PaiN @ PaiN:
    i just need his IP to find his personality
  4. DasWolfe @ DasWolfe:
    If you want i can give you his IP
  5. PaiN @ PaiN:
    @MachOMan i can hack him i think
  6. PaiN @ PaiN:
    i think he just told you its clean
  7. ITZzJose @ ITZzJose:
    2 months lol
  8. ITZzJose @ ITZzJose:
  9. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
    Time to scare him off for good.
  10. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
    We've been dealing with this Yoans kid for like two months now.
  11. DasWolfe @ DasWolfe:
    I'll kick his ass out of the server
  12. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
    He wants to be a childish little evader, he's gonna have a broken game.
  13. DasWolfe @ DasWolfe:
    Give me the command
  14. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
    I'll put some commands on the server so you can mess up his PC @DasWolfe
  15. DasWolfe @ DasWolfe:
    I'll deal with him
  16. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
  17. DasWolfe @ DasWolfe:
    Fcking asshole
  18. Detective Potato @ Detective Potato:
  19. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
    When will that faggot learned he's not wanted?
  20. Detective Potato @ Detective Potato:
  21. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
  22. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    yoans said he will hack change ip and name and keep playing
  23. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    this report will encourage me to work harder
  24. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
  25. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    im waiting you guys to reply so i can realease
  26. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    at the very end you can see his fps is 3
  27. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
  28. DasWolfe @ DasWolfe:
    Clean as day btw
  29. DasWolfe @ DasWolfe:
    Yes, its a major, i'm watching it right now.
  30. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    this is major report ??
  31. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    its really hard for me to find a rule breakers that use scripting
  32. Detective Potato @ Detective Potato:
  33. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    bro potato man can you reply my report ?
  34. Detective Potato @ Detective Potato:
    Bro, that's nothing. It gives me more anxiety since I have to decide on it wtf
  35. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    im getting butterflies in my stomach
  36. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    NO my first scripting report make me nervous
  37. PaiN @ PaiN:
    its probably dirty :D
  38. PaiN @ PaiN:
    dw mate
  39. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    im so nervous right now
  40. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    omg i having a heart-attack this is my first scripting report
  41. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    another scripting report hahaha
  42. ITZzJose @ ITZzJose:
  43. Lev @ Lev:
    S n e e d
  44. PaiN @ PaiN:
    Well i guess i gotta find a new HA now.
  45. ITZzJose @ ITZzJose:
  46. Lev @ Lev:
    Ight finna ban wings
  47. PaiN @ PaiN:
    do i?
  48. wings @ wings:
    I was promoted in secret bec i sucked his dick and had anal sex with him
  49. wings @ wings:
    Also i think ur supposed to announce promotions hh
  50. wings @ wings:
    Levin, im afraid lgk is shutting down within a week hhh