1. ITZzJose @ ITZzJose:
    2 months lol
  2. ITZzJose @ ITZzJose:
  3. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
    Time to scare him off for good.
  4. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
    We've been dealing with this Yoans kid for like two months now.
  5. DasWolfe @ DasWolfe:
    I'll kick his ass out of the server
  6. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
    He wants to be a childish little evader, he's gonna have a broken game.
  7. DasWolfe @ DasWolfe:
    Give me the command
  8. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
    I'll put some commands on the server so you can mess up his PC @DasWolfe
  9. DasWolfe @ DasWolfe:
    I'll deal with him
  10. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
  11. DasWolfe @ DasWolfe:
    Fcking asshole
  12. Detective Potato @ Detective Potato:
  13. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
    When will that faggot learned he's not wanted?
  14. Detective Potato @ Detective Potato:
  15. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
  16. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    yoans said he will hack change ip and name and keep playing
  17. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    this report will encourage me to work harder
  18. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
  19. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    im waiting you guys to reply so i can realease
  20. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    at the very end you can see his fps is 3
  21. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
  22. DasWolfe @ DasWolfe:
    Clean as day btw
  23. DasWolfe @ DasWolfe:
    Yes, its a major, i'm watching it right now.
  24. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    this is major report ??
  25. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    its really hard for me to find a rule breakers that use scripting
  26. Detective Potato @ Detective Potato:
  27. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    bro potato man can you reply my report ?
  28. Detective Potato @ Detective Potato:
    Bro, that's nothing. It gives me more anxiety since I have to decide on it wtf
  29. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    im getting butterflies in my stomach
  30. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    NO my first scripting report make me nervous
  31. PaiN @ PaiN:
    its probably dirty :D
  32. PaiN @ PaiN:
    dw mate
  33. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    im so nervous right now
  34. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    omg i having a heart-attack this is my first scripting report
  35. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    another scripting report hahaha
  36. ITZzJose @ ITZzJose:
  37. Lev @ Lev:
    S n e e d
  38. PaiN @ PaiN:
    Well i guess i gotta find a new HA now.
  39. ITZzJose @ ITZzJose:
  40. Lev @ Lev:
    Ight finna ban wings
  41. PaiN @ PaiN:
    do i?
  42. wings @ wings:
    I was promoted in secret bec i sucked his dick and had anal sex with him
  43. wings @ wings:
    Also i think ur supposed to announce promotions hh
  44. wings @ wings:
    Levin, im afraid lgk is shutting down within a week hhh
  45. PaiN @ PaiN:
    why is everyone so surprised wtafak
  46. PaiN @ PaiN:
  47. Lev @ Lev:
    How wings is head admin wtf
  48. PaiN @ PaiN:
    i already regret it lmao
  49. Scripter @ Scripter:
    good shit u gay
  50. Scripter @ Scripter:
    wings got promoted??? wtf


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So the contest goes as follows:

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You will choose an emoji that you think should be added. The winners are chosen by choosing an emoji and adding the funniest saying to make it appear. For example, the :LevinIsAMonkey: emoji is :"LevinIsAMonkey": to make it appear. So the funniest top 6 emojis will be added along with their calling to make them appear. Have fun and good luck :Blush:

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