1. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
  2. DasWolfe @ DasWolfe:
    Clean as day btw
  3. DasWolfe @ DasWolfe:
    Yes, its a major, i'm watching it right now.
  4. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    this is major report ??
  5. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    its really hard for me to find a rule breakers that use scripting
  6. Detective Potato @ Detective Potato:
  7. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    bro potato man can you reply my report ?
  8. Detective Potato @ Detective Potato:
    Bro, that's nothing. It gives me more anxiety since I have to decide on it wtf
  9. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    im getting butterflies in my stomach
  10. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    NO my first scripting report make me nervous
  11. PaiN @ PaiN:
    its probably dirty :D
  12. PaiN @ PaiN:
    dw mate
  13. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    im so nervous right now
  14. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    omg i having a heart-attack this is my first scripting report
  15. Koro-sensei @ Koro-sensei:
    another scripting report hahaha
  16. ITZzJose @ ITZzJose:
  17. Lev @ Lev:
    S n e e d
  18. PaiN @ PaiN:
    Well i guess i gotta find a new HA now.
  19. ITZzJose @ ITZzJose:
  20. Lev @ Lev:
    Ight finna ban wings
  21. PaiN @ PaiN:
    do i?
  22. wings @ wings:
    I was promoted in secret bec i sucked his dick and had anal sex with him
  23. wings @ wings:
    Also i think ur supposed to announce promotions hh
  24. wings @ wings:
    Levin, im afraid lgk is shutting down within a week hhh
  25. PaiN @ PaiN:
    why is everyone so surprised wtafak
  26. PaiN @ PaiN:
  27. Lev @ Lev:
    How wings is head admin wtf
  28. PaiN @ PaiN:
    i already regret it lmao
  29. Scripter @ Scripter:
    good shit u gay
  30. Scripter @ Scripter:
    wings got promoted??? wtf
  31. PaiN @ PaiN:
    ikr, i am surprised as well.
  32. Lord. Death. @ Lord. Death.:
    Wings green GachiGachiGachi
  33. wings @ wings:
    Yes :3
  34. PaiN @ PaiN:
    your penis probably big
  35. wings @ wings:
    8======|c: )/ hi
  36. wings @ wings:
    My penis said hi btw
  37. wings @ wings:
    I will do it later
  38. PaiN @ PaiN:
    @wings PM me your steamid please
  39. nut cracker 2 @ nut cracker 2:
    come on when the server will be fulled?
  40. PaiN @ PaiN:
    says the guy named haccoon
  41. nut cracker 2 @ nut cracker 2:
    omg no one is in deathrun right now. except me lmao
  42. nut cracker 2 @ nut cracker 2:
  43. PaiN @ PaiN:
    i am soon opening a steam zexp staff group. so make sure you got me/yair into your friendlist
  44. PaiN @ PaiN:
    That's good
  45. wings @ wings:
    Im available from midnight to 2am, which is lunchtime to 2pm there
  46. Yair @ Yair:
  47. PaiN @ PaiN:
    I am thinking about doing an event for the zexp but i gotta find a timestamp when i can get bunch of peoples
  48. PaiN @ PaiN:
  49. Noodles @ Noodles:
    Where tf is the court house! Where do we report players! We will die a fatal death if the children dont have a place to report players
  50. PaiN @ PaiN:
    nut crackcker


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Head-Admin Promotion!.

Hello everyone, I am here today to announce the very new Head-Admin of the Fresh ZEXP server
its a guy that we knew that there is no one like him he's a good man and a friendly guy that almost everyone likes.
The one and only, @wings!.

Two new servers!?

Greetings everyone.

We here at LgK bring you two new servers to play in and enjoy! Both of these servers focus heavily on experience gaining instead of your usual shops and points!

The first server we're bringing you is our very own Zombie EXP mode!


This server is based off the very popular and old time mode created by Mystic Death back in the early '00s.

I will refrain from going into too deep of detail on the server and let the new managers of the server @Yair @PaiN make their posts over time showing you guys this lovely mod! What I will tell you now though is this is a normal zombie plague server in terms of infections and killing zombies, however, there are no shops. There are several unique classes (some VIP only, some free) with their own game play style. Instead of buying the best gun to win the round...

Website Slowness

Some of you may have noticed that the forums are a bit slow. This will be fixed in the next few days. The reason for it is because of the update that is going on but have no fear it will be fixed soon.