1. Princess99Samantha Princess99Samantha:
    @Lord. Death. when you get the chance gag is broken. I tried to gag but the person can still be heard.
  2. MachOMan MachOMan:
    Just hold on Panda.
  3. Pandabearkiller Pandabearkiller:
    i got skipped on my app might as well just apply for ZP
  4. Craig Jones Craig Jones:
    @thruman lol go read back the previous messages, kid.
  5. KinG TaZ KinG TaZ:
  6. Princess99Samantha Princess99Samantha:
    When chucky uses babe a bunch of times my heart explodes
  7. Pandabearkiller Pandabearkiller:
    Can i be your babe @ChuckY no homo
  8. ChuckY ChuckY:
    All good & chill. each of you are ma babes even if you won't be ma babe. Big love. :love: Let's say that everythings cool. Babes.
  9. Pandabearkiller Pandabearkiller:
    im just lost at this point lol freedom of speech
  10. T thruman:
    @Craig Jones you really love to just stir the pot over some dumb fucking shit don't you? you realize when you break it down to black and white...you're arguing with sam over her using the word babe. you look like a dumbass
  11. Pandabearkiller Pandabearkiller:
  12. Princess99Samantha Princess99Samantha:
    Lolz i got ur back sweetheart.
  13. Crazy Crazy:
    It's really a you problem if you have a problem the way someone talks over the internet. You probably get offended when people act gay in the server too.
  14. ChuckY ChuckY:
  15. ChuckY ChuckY:
    Ay lol. Well no worry for me Samanthan its alright babe ;).
  16. Craig Jones Craig Jones:
    It is up to you. I am sure i am not the only one that thinks this.
  17. Princess99Samantha Princess99Samantha:
    It's okay craig i dont hate you.
  18. Princess99Samantha Princess99Samantha:
    Ahh i see you take from "him"
  19. IceGirl IceGirl:
  20. Craig Jones Craig Jones:
    but again, thats just my personal opinion. I hope it wont cause a "bitch fit".
  21. Craig Jones Craig Jones:
    its generally cheesy as fuck too.
  22. Craig Jones Craig Jones:
    Thats not my point, samantha. My point is that it makes everything look awkward and uncomfortable when you call people "babe" on the internet.
  23. ChuckY ChuckY:
    Can't do everything at the same time Panda.
  24. Craig Jones Craig Jones:
    "come to usa where everyone has an opinion and no one bitches a fit" LOL that explains why the US politics are a cluster fuck.
  25. ChuckY ChuckY:
    Please don't act like that. back from work its been around 2hours I have thing to do irl, Will check it soon.
  26. IceGirl IceGirl:
  27. Pandabearkiller Pandabearkiller:
    oof i was skipped on app
  28. IceGirl IceGirl:
  29. Princess99Samantha Princess99Samantha:
    Ill swap right over.
  30. ChuckY ChuckY:
    ll try to get in d2 server soon. eating atm.
  31. ChuckY ChuckY:
    Samantha are you with him in game? Since you know how it works do you think you can help him in game? Only if you there if na nvm.
  32. Pandabearkiller Pandabearkiller:
    congrates on parasol
  33. Princess99Samantha Princess99Samantha:
    Chucky what he is saying is that gag isnt working because other players can still hear him
  34. ChuckY ChuckY:
  35. ChuckY ChuckY:
    I mean if he's mic psamming.
  36. Pandabearkiller Pandabearkiller:
  37. ChuckY ChuckY:
    Give him warning* Then if he's being stupid and he won't stop after that warning gag him for around 25mins*
  38. ChuckY ChuckY:
    Give him another warning then gag him for around 25 mins if he won't stop.
  39. Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel:
    @ChuckY, just something, some guy keeps swearing on the mic, i gagged him but everyone still hears hi m
  40. ChuckY ChuckY:
    Didn't play once this week. It fucking sucks but will be able to get in servers at the end of the week. (pfftt..) well I hope so.
  41. Princess99Samantha Princess99Samantha:
    It's a party :D
  42. Pandabearkiller Pandabearkiller:
    so many people on forums
  43. Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel:
  44. Pandabearkiller Pandabearkiller:
    now i dont have to make 4 hacker reports every day
  45. Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel:
  46. Pandabearkiller Pandabearkiller:
    congrates to natsu
  47. Princess99Samantha Princess99Samantha:
    No camping in T spawn past 1:15 rotating though spawn to get the bomb is okay! (T's only)
  48. Princess99Samantha Princess99Samantha:
    When are you gonna answer me? I asked a while about making this rule from 1:15 to 1:30
  49. Princess99Samantha Princess99Samantha:
  50. Pandabearkiller Pandabearkiller:
    lol but im suck at aiming

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In light of recent events, which may include some foreskin images or not, the community rules have been updated with the addition of a 6th rule which you can see here:


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Lord. Death.
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- The map will be jb_snow map time will be set to 60 minutes.
- Shop will be disabled.
- Gang Perks will be disabled.
- CTs will be required to use the map, but will be allowed one cage activity to thin the Ts out.
- If a terrorist is freekilled they will be quick revived and not given a freeday.
- There will be no first day freeday.
- No special days.
- Ghosting will result in a one hour ban.


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