1. Levinurion Levinurion:
    Are u the ching Chong nigga who used to be admin here?
  2. L LegendScripter:
    pm me in inbox , my username was Scripter
  3. L LegendScripter:
    yo any staff can help me out with my old acc?
  4. T TurkSonSuzLuk:
    good morning
  5. Yair Yair:
    Good morning
  6. W wings:
  7. D Donnie Brasco:
    guz in dd2
  8. Dildo Baggins Dildo Baggins:
    @wings we're both on the bottom. Of you ;)
  9. B bazillionaire_1d:
  10. B bazillionaire_1d:
    someone needs to come ban "Jacinto pinto no rego"
  11. W wings:
    @Dildo Baggins and @Noodles who is top and who is bottom? :eek:
  12. IceGirl IceGirl:
    What server...
  13. Kydex Kydex:
  14. vizzztoook vizzztoook:
    that guy was aimbot icegirl black knife
  15. IceGirl IceGirl:
    Admin for?
  16. D Donnie Brasco:
  17. vizzztoook vizzztoook:
    "BLACK KNIFE" 240 STEAM_0:0:1295903772 someone bann this dude was aimbot i saw him i join spec and he shoot only on head with ma4 normal after i told him u aimbot he turn it off im watching him again
  18. vizzztoook vizzztoook:
    any admin on ?
  19. D Donnie Brasco:
    novato is hacking in dd2
  20. Noodles Noodles:
    Fuck yeah
  21. vizzztoook vizzztoook:
  22. Dildo Baggins Dildo Baggins:
    Cuz if so then rock on brother
  23. Dildo Baggins Dildo Baggins:
    Wait did u rape me?
  24. Noodles Noodles:
    You mustve forgot or had the paper bag on top tight
  25. Dildo Baggins Dildo Baggins:
    I never did it with you, only @MachOMan
  26. Dildo Baggins Dildo Baggins:
    @Noodles are you gai?!
  27. Noodles Noodles:
    Ask @Dildo Baggins how it felt
  28. Noodles Noodles:
    Say i wont
  29. Noodles Noodles:
    If i come home from work and see any hackers in dust2 im gonna fukin put my pp in their bunghole
  30. vizzztoook vizzztoook:
  31. Levinurion Levinurion:
    This is lgk @MachOMan
  32. sidnei sidnei:
    How Long For The Zombie Map Bio Laboratory Plague
  33. AnOnYmOuS AnOnYmOuS:
    can anyone come in super soldier?
  34. sidnei sidnei:
    Hello good night
  35. Y Yoans:
  36. Y Yoans:
    welcome here
  37. Y Yoans:
  38. Y Yoans:
    where is the rewards in the forums
  39. Y Yoans:
    i want to get reward in zombie plague
  40. AnOnYmOuS AnOnYmOuS:
    now i joined again
  41. AnOnYmOuS AnOnYmOuS:
    i left gamming
  42. AnOnYmOuS AnOnYmOuS:
    i was admin when i play this server n 2015
  43. Y Yoans:
    want help
  44. AnOnYmOuS AnOnYmOuS:
    where is smokey?
  45. Y Yoans:
    iam new player
  46. Y Yoans:
  47. AnOnYmOuS AnOnYmOuS:
    old player
  48. AnOnYmOuS AnOnYmOuS:
  49. AnOnYmOuS AnOnYmOuS:
    i am back
  50. AnOnYmOuS AnOnYmOuS:
    Hey guys

AFK till june

Lord. Death.
I just wanted to announce that I'll be AFK till the end of may due to my final exams.
Till then I won't be able to help anyone in anyway regarregarding the server or anything else. The development will be put on hold tell I'm back.

Website Redesign

Website Redesign Plans
I plan on going through with a full website redesign. I'm starting the design faze in May when I get back from a trip.
-I want a more modern, streamlined type homepage that screams gaming website. More features, more buttons.
-For the forum page, it will be sleek and original.
Over all I have big inspirations for LgK. I hope to accomplish the redesign by August 2019.
If you want to help and have any cool idea's, lay outs for a home/forum page. PM me or post here. There are two ways you can help listed below.
1. You can find a template for xenforo forums.
2. We can go fully customized. So you can design one if your an artist. Take pictures of different things you like on other forums and put them together.
Like for example. Here's what I made lol. I'm not an artist...


I would like to announce that LgK will be partnering with GirlGam3rs and Renegade Army.
LgK plans to "cross promote community servers. Starting off with the new Servers page where we'll be listing" GirlGam3rs and Renegade Army servers.

Lets enjoy and work together to populate each others servers.

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